Al Capone & My Other High School

Today is warm and amazing.

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#CouchWorthy: Brené Brown: The Call to Courage

You know the thing is I’ve slowly and intuitively figured out a lot of what Brené Brown is saying just from my interactions with people especially in business. She just has the research to back it up and prove it.

That’s the beauty of listening to your gut…you know something to be true; you just can’t explain it.

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Girth Radio Next Steps Pitch

So I dunno what to do now.

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First Things First: A Space Tea Reflection

So January 1st I continued my avid pop culture consumption and fired up the first episode of…The First.

Absolutely nobody is watching this…this is another tv show they made just for me. Thanks. (The show has 1,500 twitter followers! A Raptors game is 20K!! Their IMBD rating is based on less than five thousand votes. And they spent $60 million on the first season…it’s so not getting a second season. $60 million so some dumb kid in Scarborough not wearing pants can watch something while he eats Lucky Charms on his Christmas Break is lousy economics.)

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Get Your Foot In The Door

Front Door or Back Door…there are 2 ways in:

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Pop Culture Habits

Been approached by a few friends (always better to be approached by friends instead of Jehovah’s Witnesses!) who want to write more…journal more; some listen to music more. Basically they want to more more.

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No Permission Slip

“We never just thought we were supposed to wait our turn,” Kevin Durant said. “We always wanted to go and take everything.”

These are Kevin Durant quotes from 2012. They didn’t win that year but the philosophy is sound.

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The Path of Patience

Anybody have any spare patience? I’ve run out of my mine…

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RE: James Clarke talks digital and his new PepsiCo gig

Still trying to figure out how to build Girth Radio and engage corporations…the companies who can hand over money in a dollar sign sack. I’ll even take a pillowcase really…

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Kobe & I Have Contradictions In Common

This ESPN Kobe Article:

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