Trailer Alert: Pacific Rim Uprising

About Pacific Rim Uprising: While I deeply appreciate the raw violence and the fresh ruckus: way too much Michael-Bay-Transformers quality…first Pacific Rim was awful a half baked del Toro.

I know some dug it, I know lots like me who loathed it. It had the potential to be delightful ruckus it let us all down. Too much emotion not even destruction. Less acting more smashing. Ruckus!

Plus the human to monster ratio? I’ve already been burned by Cloverfield (ugly wretched) sigh: Pacific Rim remains del Toro’s sloppiest movie: dude totally M. Nighted that mother. He knows better and should have done better. He did not. He was rightly fired. Sorry Guillermo…kinda.

Actually the more I think about Pacific Rim the less any of it makes sense. Delicious ruckus though.

If Pacific Rim Uprising doesn’t make money does that make it a…Jägerbomb? (Joke works better out loud…)

Sammy’s Verdict: If I “join the uprising” it’ll be on Netflix or maybe on an airplane.


Trailer Alert: Crimson Peak

Get the feeling I’ll be sleeping with my G.I. Joe nightlight after this…Guillermo del Toro returns with Crimson Peak:

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Birth Year Readings I

Wednesday September 28, 2011 is my birthday.

Not a particular milestone, just watching my youth flee like a prison break. I got curious, wondering if I listed everything I read in a birth year how much I actually consumed. I was going to list articles but thanks to twitter and google I…can’t. I go through tons of articles and it’d just be too much, compounded by my avid laziness. So here is what I’ve been reading since Wednesday September 28 2011 (with occasional commentary) to Thursday September 27, 2012. {Special thanks to Brian E for facilitating my crack like connection to comic books.}

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