Dynamite Denny

Easily the highlight of my Toronto Comicon experience was my conversations with Denny O’Neil. Who if you don’t know is the creator credited with coining the name Optimus Prime (he’s known as Convoy in other parts of the world) and restoring Batman following the comical 66 tv show…in the late 60s/early 70s Denny along with other his DC Comics collaborators basically established a Batman by nerds for nerds.

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Overheard at Toronto Comicon 2019

Since Friday night I’ve been attending Toronto Comicon. Here are some moments I’ve overheard…

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My Nerd Adventures

At Nerd-Fest! So much good times!

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That Time I Met Batgirl

At the nerdfest…trying to figure out the map so I can visit a friend’s booth. This little girl totally decked out as Batgirl slides next to me…”Hi! I’m Batgirl.”

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She’s A Pro (S’not What You Think…)

Comic Con To English…

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Who Is Neil Gaiman?!

Explain this one to me.

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Cosplay Accuracy

So FanExpo…our giant comic con is on this weekend:

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