Trailer Alert: Captain Marvel

A much better Captain Marvel trailer!

Still conflicted though…

As I didn’t enjoy Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel run and I don’t consider Captain Marvel as a character all that engaging…there’s at least some solid space ruckus…I can get into that and Skrulls are always good for a Freaky Friday laugh or two. Still not opening weekend PantsWorthy though.

(Speaking of pants…at the risk of getting your knickers in a bunch: I’d much rather a Captain Britain Marvel movie than a Captain Marvel movie: never mind her bullocks.)

Ant-Man as an analogy is apt…both Marvel movies Ant and Captain operate at about the same level of expectation. Low stakes for Marvel after the intense pressure of Avengers (the budget and the ROI on Avenger movies alone!). Or I guess one could include the intense pressure we saw recently with Black Panther.

According to the Hollywood Reporter Disney wisely and effectively spent $200 million marketing Black Panther as a “cultural touchstone” even though it was just another Marvel movie.

Granted Marvel’s Captain Marvel is better than DC Comics’ Captain Marvel still cue the hype/predictable tweets and social media white noise…like all our pop culture this’ll be a “referendum” on diversity (which so far has been effective marketing). Thankfully there’s no CONsensus on that. So it’ll be interesting to see the track Disney takes with Captain Marvel…maybe follow up Black Panther with yet another “Momentous Event In Pop Culture History!” jam. Look a woman superhero! (How many times can you play that card?)

Look my issue isn’t with the cheezy marketing or the Captain Marvel movie per say it’s the character…I’m not a fan of Captain Marvel. 2 more hours with her when we don’t get along is like scoring that dude on the airplane who talks the whole flight missing all the valid leave me alone cues. Sigh…I guess we gotta do this.

In comics it’s much easier to skip the tie-ins (they often don’t count or move the story forward). In this space case Captain Marvel is connected in some way to the upcoming Avengers 4 movie that’s why I used the analogy of being stuck with her on a flight. I kinda hafta do this.

Doesn’t help the screenplay credits 4 people which is not always a good sign…still it is a Marvel movie. So…

I better get a pad and a paper and make 2 columns…not sure how this’ll internal debate turn out.

Captain Marvel is out March 8, 2019, far more importantly Avengers 4 is out on May 3, 2019.

Let’s Do This Judas.


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Black Panther: The Potential of Patience

How is Black Panther an icon? Same thing with Wonder Woman…iconic without any storytelling substance. I can’t grasp that flimsy and ultimately foolish premise.

Black Panther has been around since the 60s and done (to quote Stupid Flanders) diddly-squat. Black Panther debuted in 1966; Spider-Man in 1962. Who’s had more impact on the culture?

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