SXSW: Preview

Alright so time to SXSW!

This is my second SXSW but third time I’ll be in Austin. (I flew to Austin last year for the Austin International Poetry Festival to celebrate the release of my poetry book Red Letter Nights).

The first time I came to SXSW it was to celebrate the documentary Garbage Dreams. It was a hit and run presence plus I mainly did leg work and promotional stuff for Dreams but it was enough to give me a taste of SXSW. I knew with the certainty of Arnold I’d be back.

I’m going this year as we’re launching a new initiative.

Ladies and gentlemen introducing…

The SampleBank or to see poetry in motion. It’s currently in beta testing.

The SampleBank allows bands the unique potential to generate cash money from 2 revenue streams.

Most online music stores simply let bands upload their music and if it sells, they make money. But that’s only 1 revenue stream. Is that enough?

I don’t think so. We can do better. Which means we should do better.

That 1 revenue stream is there, bands can upload songs to The SampleBank store (which is coming soon).

However the new revenue stream is being able to upload samples.

This isn’t just a drum loop. But it can be.

 A sample can be a band’s entire song, part of their song, leftover sounds and rhythms from a recording session or visionary bands can rise to the challenge and attempt to fashion new samples just for this.

Imagine the artistic and creative benefits an exercise like that would yield. What new roads a band could chart…

Our hope and desire at The SampleBank is to form a creative, artistic, fun, curious and visionary community. Surprise us; show us what you can do when the teacher has left the room.

I’m hungry for change…aren’t you?

 Ok I must pack.


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