S’up Cuz Podcast #1

S’up Cuz is a t-shirt company featuring over 20 freshtastic designs by myself and DC. It’s basically another creative playground we frolic in, truly a t-shirt is a limitless canvas. So to celebrate all matters Summer…for 2012 we’re offering a free S’up Cuz podcast.

We’ll be tackling subjects such as the NBA Playoffs, movies, music, ribs, naps and more. Summer should be celebrated for all the amazingness it offers us. Road trips, bbqs and more ribs and more naps.

You can listen to the first podcast here:

S’up Cuz Slang Definitions:
Craptors-is the affectionately sarcastic nickname of the always inferior Toronto Raptors.

So Necessary-A hotdog is necessary. However a bacon wrapped hotdog now that’s So Necessary.

Beatings-What happens when you eat a bacon wrapped hotdog. Or Taco Bell. Any food that forces you to put in overtime in the office (i.e. the bathroom) is Beatings.

“Coulda Been Somebody…” A classic Marlon Brando moment from On The Waterfront we at S’up Cuz reference often. Fun quote and great film, check it out if you can.

mashes his hand…-Not a sexual reference to mashing. A reference to smashing or bashing his hand. Anything and everything can be mashed. Potatoes, cars, your leg, your hotdog, a nap. Can be positive or negative depending on context and sarcasm.

“Nothing Left To Give…”-Great Cosby show moment where Claire is exahusted, working full time, mom full time, Cliff. She’s done. Nothing left in the tank. From “What’s It All About?” Season 6, Episode 22, Aired Mar 22, 1990. You can see her exasperation and desperation at the 10:24 mark HERE.

Jamaal Magloire-Podcast Correction Jamaal is from from Flemingdon Park (not Malvern). Wexford Collegiate Institute Represent. Still Scarborough. Still plays for the Craptors.

Scarborough-A delightful Toronto borough. Think of Brooklyn’s contribution to New York City, s’what Scarborough offers to Toronto. More on Scarborough is on Wikipedia or just keep listening to additional podcasts.

Malvern-a Toronto neightbourhood in the Scarborough borough. Again Wikipedia.

On Your Nose-The roughest of all beatings. Part comeuppance part karma all pain. When you get dunked on…that’s On Your Nose. When a celebrity tries to play the “Do you know who I am?” card to get into a club and fails…that’s On Your Nose.

NYC Mugging-Reference back to the hardcore days of NYC, where Times Square was all porn shops, graffiti covered subways and don’t be out alone to late as it will get rough and tough.

Cheups-A sucking noise made with the tongue pressed against the teeth. It is usually an expression of annoyance, frustration, or contempt.

Million dollar idea-The best kind. Anybody can come up with an idea but can you come up with an idea that’ll instantly generate a million dollars? Go big or go home.

Anything else you don’t understand just email and ask. Thanks for listening.


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