Suicide Squad Knowledge

If you’re gonna put on pants (DOWN WITH PANTS!!) and check out Suicide Squad this weekend know the following:

1) There’s a stinger (post-credits scene). It’s easy for civilians to understand…DC movies don’t require more than being able to read at a Fourth Grade level.

2) You can see my office…it’s near the Hard Rock cafe which is now apparently across from the Gotham City River. Had no clue I worked near a river…

3) It’s 2 hours…even with the stinger…you’ll be home before the babysitter finishes her pizza. The movie does not require IMAX, 3D glasses, rumbling seats etc.

4) You kinda hafta see Bats V Superman before this…you won’t be lost but a handful of scenes will make sense (unlike Bats v Supes which made no sense).

5) Some of the movie takes place in Midway City…that’s DC’s Chicago. They give you an establishing shot with rivers and bridges…again Grade 4 level.

6) Margot Robbie while an attractive woman does not have the booty for those itty-bitty shorts: “when it comes to females Cosmo ain’t got nothin to do with my selection…36-24-36? Ha ha, only if she’s 5’3.”


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