Started Sherlock…

Ok so I just sat down with 2 falafel sangwiches and fired up Sherlock.

Started with Pink Something and A Scandal in Belgravia, two Moffats. Dude treated me well during Doctor Who so I’m happy to have him back on my tele.

Pink was so-so (predictable in parts). Belgravia was electric…that woman is so evil. I wanna see her get into it with James Bond. Hope she returns.

I really dig the…I guess the right word is fetishization? of London. The show really likes the City but also can’t stand it. S’like the people who live in NYC.

The Baker street set, well done, classic contribution.

Martin Freeman, s’bit of work. He’s been solid in other movies and such, as Watson, not feeling it. Watson’s hard to cast (although Jude Law surprised me by performing admirably). Matt Smith was potentially Watson or Sherlock? I could see him do either.

Cumberbatch is a bit stiff, especially with the fisticuffs. Hopefully he’ll get more comfortable and settle in.

The references and winks to the Sherlock mythology are fresh: I’m a bit rusty since I’ve been in that world so I missed a few obvious ones. Been hanging out with Batman, Kinsey Millhone etc. too long don’t tell Sherlock: you know how he gets.

Alright then: it was either this or Sharklumbo.


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