Someone Not There Episode #4: Video

Confession: I’ve never understood binge watching.

We’ve entered into this newfangled era of pop culture where it’s become essential to absorb tv shows as rapidly as possible. A sort of Millennium Falcon hyperdrive version of keeping up the Joneses. Netflix is adding new stresses to relationships, when one partner brazenly jumps ahead in a series, leaving the other behind. It’s all too hectic and the antithesis of entertainment.

Work is, understandably a valid source of stress, tv watching should be a shelter from that stress. A moment of No Pants Time. (Neil Postman would probably disagree but he’s not around so let’s just go with that belief).

Hence I applaud the courage of the Someone Not There Team for releasing each of the 5 episodes weekly. It gives the fortunate viewers time, you can chill in that world properly. Anybody who’s been a tourist knows how awful it feels to rush through all the major sites. To be able to breathe and lounge is a rare luxury. And like being a tourist, you eventually have to go home, every trip no matter how funtastic comes to its appointed end.

Someone Not There is also coming to its appointed end…Episode #5 drops this Friday at 1pm. And what will happen to E and Roland…Brad who through all of this remains dreamy will be revealed like a magician’s trick. Ta-Da!

It’s been a special journey, assembling the soundtrack, connecting with viewers, working with the Someone Not There Team. And who knows…Episode #5 may not be the end. If comic books have taught us one thing, it’s that death isn’t final, it’s just a phase.

For now…you can prepare for #5 by watching #4, the beginning of the end:

See you Friday at 1pm!


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