Shoulda Seen It Coming…

Know what scares me?

If I’m giving a psychic a ride home and she buckles her seatbelt.

Think about it (I clearly and sadly did).

Psychics can see other people’s deaths but not their own. Right?

But if a psychic is in the car with me, our fates are tied. She’ll know if we’re going to reach our destination safely. Which means, of course that she wouldn’t buckle up.

Which is why if a psychic gets in your car and buckles up, you’re doomed. Take, the bus, yo.

(All of this is moot if Choose Your Own Adventure is right and there are multiple paths and possibilities, that the future is not a fixed point, a destination you simply arrive at, like a GPS address.
In that case you can relax if you the psychic doesn’t buckle up…right?)


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