Seeking Stars in 2019

Checking in as a new year prompts reflection…life adjustments and wholesome goals. Here’s where I’m at after an 80s decade consuming movies, tv shows and comics…what I’ve left to achieve and a sweet humblebrag!

Famous Cars I’ve Yet To Meet:

Fall Guy’s pickup truck (either a Rounded Line 1982 Chevy C10 or a GMC K-12000 WideSide)

Magnum’s Ferrari (Ferrari 308 GTB)

Miami Vice’s Ferrari Testarossa

Starsky & Hutch’s Ford Gran Torino

And…Wet Nellie (The Spy Who Loved Me…Bond’s Lotus Esprit Submarine…)

Famous Cars I’ve Met Include:
The General Lee

K.I.T.T. (haven’t met KARR…yet?!)

A-Team Van

DeLorean Time Machine

All the Batmobiles (66, 89…Nolan etc.)

So yes…there is much work to be done; this year every year.


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