Rising The City of Ruins

I see every experience through a pop culture lens: as September 11, 2001 unfolded I expected a fierce album from Bruce Springsteen…maybe Bob Dylan would get back in the ring and put em up. That dark day demanded our best.

The Boss did not disappoint: on July 30, 2002 he released The Rising.

But before that on September 21, 2001 he gave us soulful rendition of My City of Ruins a 2000 song (initially Bruce was mourning Asbury Park…and what’d happen to her.)

Celebrities performing for a telethon is so cheezy (the causes don’t matter…they all come and go): for the most part fame is fantastic but benefit concerts and telethons are boringly tacky and such a fame burden.

As a fan I tend to pass on em…even “important” events like the bloated spectacle of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame ceremony…just gimme the sports highlights.

Despite my telethon stance I did catch the highlights of this 9/11 tv benefit and later looked up the full performance…Bruce knocked it outta the park with this version of My City of Ruins.


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