RE: James Clarke talks digital and his new PepsiCo gig

Still trying to figure out how to build Girth Radio and engage corporations…the companies who can hand over money in a dollar sign sack. I’ll even take a pillowcase really…

Hence clicking on this Marketing Magazine article…I don’t know who James Clarke is but I know who Pepsi is. “James Clarke joined PepsiCo Foods Canada as its senior digital marketing manager earlier this month.”

This be the aspect that stood out…
PepsiCo’s marketing department in terms of digital marketing/social media etc… “implement a 70-20-10 rule in our 2016 plans: 70% of time and money should be dedicated to “tried and true” channels, 20% to “safe bets” and 10% to “experimental/cutting edge” opportunities. The 10% is a great place to explore some of these emerging digital spaces – this where amazing things can happen.”

I dunno if I could be that disciplined in my business but if another business is…fantastic. Now…how do we tap into that wild 10% and liven up this party, yo?

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