Rally For Better, Rally For Me

I’m Torrance right now, about 18 scant miles from MacArthur Park where a simulcast of Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore Insanity is being hosted.

Due to a family situation I cannot go.

However the rally with all of its satellite sites in Chicago, LA and other locations prompts a valid question. It’s an ancient question but still valid.

Can you do more “good” outside the system or within?

I’m old fashioned. I don’t care what your agenda is when you go into politics, your ability to help, to alleviate and to advance is incredibly hampered by many forces beyond your control. It makes for mixed results at best, bitter broken promises at worst.

Giving in to cynicism is way to easy. So is being indifferent. Apathy is a luxury for us in the affluent West.  There may not always be enough signs of hope, certainly I find there are not enough to nourish my dreams and keep me going. Everyday lives are being transformed.

But maybe we don’t need to look for hope. Maybe it’s just as old fashioned as looking for opportunities. Opportunities do abound, that I do believe.

As with all things in this modern life it boils down to choice.

In a way I’m glad I’m not at the Stewart rally. I don’t need confirmation I’m not alone, I know others are fed up with politics while remaining hungry for change. Others who question “is this it?” and wonder if there is something more or something better.

What if I’m something…better? What if I’m the solution? The answer? That may all be true but until I change, and change for the better it won’t matter.

Perhaps the best thing to do is host a rally for myself with myself, not to make promises to myself that I’ll just break in 10 minutes or less rather to have a rallying cry, to tear down some of the walls that encase my heart and to relearn how to use my eyes so I can seek opportunity, moments of change and ultimately those in need.


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