Q&A: Ksenia Solo (Unpublished)

(The following interview with Ksenia Solo was never published so I present it here):

Q&A: Ksenia Solo On Lost Girl

For Ksenia Solo a typical work day involves swinging a samurai sword and deftly injecting comedy into a dark and strange world. The actress who literally grew up on Renegadepress.com is now immersed in the world of the Fae on Lost Girl, the new Showcase show airing this Sunday at 9pm.

Q Describe your character on Lost Girl.

A I play Kenzi: the coolest human ever to live. She is a chameleon—she changes her look and her style and her undercover getup probably more than the daily amount of people at McDonald’s. She has a knack for fashion and for solving crimes. She eats like a full grown man even though she’s still like 95 pounds. And she has the sense of humour of a sailor…so I have a lot of fun playing her.

Q Cool. How is she related to Anna Silk’s character Bo?

A Kenzi and Bo meet in a special way: Bo saved Kenzi’s life. Kenzi is eternally grateful and becomes her best friend. So they have a rare bond that not a lot of people have. Kenzi would give her life for Bo just as Bo would give hers for Kenzi. So it’s a rare friendship because I don’t think you know a lot of friends who would give their lives up for each other.

Q With all these science-fiction and supernatural elements do you get an opportunity to do anything fun?

A Oh my God yes. [laughs] Kenzi’s weapon of choice is a samurai sword—so that speaks for itself. I feel like a pretty badass chick when I have that sword. Every episode is just a cool storyline; we have so many different mythical creatures that every episode presents a new challenge for all the characters. We’ve had crazy fights, we’ve run from a building that was blowing up behind us, we got to dress up in the craziest outfits and play different characters because we’re always going undercover. It feels like we’re kids playing in a sandbox.

Q How do you prepare for a role like this?

A I’d like to say I take off all of my clothes and run around the streets naked. [laughs] I think a lot of actors would be ashamed of this but I have an acting coach for every scene, every moment, every episode. I see it as athletes don’t prepare for the Olympics without a coach.

Q What kind of audience reaction are expecting or hoping for?

A I see 3 things: Number 1: I want them to be surprised. Number 2: I want them to be intrigued—hopefully people will be sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for what the next episode will bring: you never do know with this show. Number 3: I hope they fall in love with the characters because the characters are so special and rare. I don’t think we’ve ever seen characters, stories like this on tv…yet.

Q Do you have an avid interest in Science-fiction or supernatural shows like this?

A I’ve never been a crazy follower of any of these genres but I’ve always loved fantasy. Any movie that makes your imagination go wild is probably a favourite of mine.

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