Q&A: Anna Silk (Unpublished)

(The following interview with Anna Silk was never published so I present it here):

Q & A: Anna Silk On Lost Girl

The crazy flight attendant attempting to quit smoking in a Nicoderm commercial is now a Succubus feeding off the sexual energy of others. Anna Silk has guest stared on Being Erica and Billable Hours but now is the main charter, Bo on Lost Girl the supernatural epic launching on Showcase this Sunday at 9pm.

Q On Lost Girl you play Bo can you give us a sense of who Bo is?

A At the beginning of the series Bo learns something very big about who she is and what she is. So she ends up on this long journey to discover more about that. She grew up as your every girl—regular upbringing—and realized that she had a bit of a problem along the way and discovered she’s part of this fairy world—or Fae world. She spends every episode learning more about her past and how she fits into the human world as well as the Fae world.

Q Can you describe that Fae world?

A Yeah. The show’s based on fairy folklore. The Fae world…it’s like the underworld living in our world. So within that Fae world is light and dark Fae which doesn’t necessarily mean good and bad because it’s all kinds of dark. That’s the infighting that goes on between those two groups and how the central characters fit into that world. Viewers will be surprised to see this new world and how much there is: it’s such an abundant rich world.

Q Ok…back to Bo: you said she discovers some things about herself, what can you share?

A Bo discovers she is a Succubus. A Succubus is a mythological creature that feeds of sexual energy so it explains a lot to her [laughs] about some of the feelings and urges that she had that were a little bit beyond what a normal person would have. She discovers this early on and even though she gets that question answered it opens the door to many more questions.

Q The show is called Lost Girl is Bo the “lost girl?”

A She is. She’s lost because she’s spent several years running from who and what she is, not knowing. She learns what she is but has so much more to learn. She refuses to pick a side between light and dark. She doesn’t want to align herself with any belief system because she doesn’t know enough about herself. So…she is pretty lost.

Q As an actress you’ve done some notable guest appearances (most recently Being Erica) what is it like to carry a show like this?

A It’s very different. And it’s really fantastic. It’s the first time I’ve been able to develop a character over an entire season of a show and really be able to develop different relationships with other characters and how those relationships change over time. It’s been really, really great.

Q Speaking of the other characters, can you describe them?

A Dyson (played by Kris Holden-Ried) is a big part of both worlds (human and Fae worlds). He’s one of Bo’s love interest’s and very dear to her and helped her out of a lot of bad situations. Kenzi (played by Ksenia Solo) is both roommate and best friend: she would die for Kenzi. They have a special sisterly bond even though Kenzi’s human she’s kind of a wayward girl and so is Bo so they come together on that. And Lauren (played by Zoie Palmer) who is Bo’s doctor—a human doctor who works in the Fae world—there’s also a love connection between her and Bo.

Q As an actress on a show like this have you had the chance to do something fun or unique?

A Oh yeah. [laughs] I do a lot of fights.

Q Can you fight? Are you a good fighter?

A [laughs] I’m learning. It’s weird because I’m often fighting some strange creature that can do something non-human. Learning how to use my powers as a Succubus has been interesting too because it affects different people differently or different Fae differently so that’s been really fun too.

Q What kind of powers does Bo possess?

A Well my main power is my ability to feed off sexual energy. It can involve a touch; it can involve more than a touch. It powers me up and empowers me but it can drain other people and creatures around me. I’m also very strong physically. The other thing about my powers too: it is a power of seduction. So it helps me…say I’m investing a crime I can use it to manipulate people and get the answers from them.

Q This superpower works on men and women?

A Yeah. It’s a great power. [laughs]

Q How would you describe the show…Fringe meets Outer Limits?

A I was thinking about this last night. There’s elements of Buffy, there’s elements of Alias, there’s elements of X-Men—where they’re living among humans—but I think that it’s a unique premise. Hopefully it’ll blaze a trail in a different direction. Definitely there are comparisons to other shows but I think it’s special and unique.

Q X-Men is cool reference, do you have any nerdish leanings? Is that partly what drew you to a show like this?

A [laughs] I’m a big video game junkie growing up. Of course I love Pac Man I still have that on my computer. I have Mister but I prefer Miss but I can’t find it. I love sci-fi and I love supernatural kind of stuff. Because all the relationships stay true to what any relationships are.

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