Project Space Case

Yo…on History Channel have you started watching Project Blue Book? I watched the first episode last night…I really dug it. Fills the X-Files hole in my heart.

I posed that question to my friend and fellow avid nerd J Rock who works at Showcase and History the channels where the tv show airs.

J Rock’s response:

“Yo! I cut the promos for those. Some ideas.

1.) (Project Blue Book is) about J. Allen Hynek. He created the Close Encounter scale The movie is based on his scale. In fact, he makes a guest appearance at the end. He’s the dude with the pipe! Oh yes!!

2.) Project Bluebook is one of many secret government UFO programs. But Project Serpo may be the most interesting. It’s an alleged exchange program between the US and planet Serpo. It’s been going on for decades and is part of a secret interplanetary “space force” program. Trump references “space force” specifically to connect with the conspiracy theorist spectrum of his voter base.

3.) Also, I recently heard about a crazy theory about the Men in Black. They’re re-animated corpses! Yo!!! Whoever their employers are steal corpses – because they won’t be missed – and then re-animate and re-program them to do their dirty work. They’re like high functioning zombies.”

Oh Yes…that’s all so fresh. We promptly made time for tea to get into all of that.

For now…you know I kinda agree with President Trump and The Space Force…I’d much rather punch aliens in their mouth first before they hover above the White House and blow it up. So let’s do the Space Force. How can I help?! (Perhaps we can send high functioning zombies to Mars…if some of them perish along the way so be it…at least we perfect the science for the rest of us!)

Foolishing aside I’m digging Project Blue Book…I’ll stick with it. It’s fun going back to a weekly series…one of the upcoming episodes is Operation Paperclip…which is still one of the craziest things that actually happened in real life. (Real life is beyong surreal…I recently learned about the Smiley Face Murders…that’s morbid!)

I opened with a question so let’s close with a question.

In future Project Blue Book episodes…do you believe anybody will “slip in the shower?” That’s so old school classic.


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