Pretty Much Dead Already: The Walking Dead

Considering how well the Sign Guy is doing during the Zombie Apocalypse of The Walking Dead Keira Knightley was clearly not wise in rejecting his love. Damn Girl.

What you don’t know is more important than your opinion on what you think you know.

Hindsight is always so bright it makes me squint.

Thanks to last night’s episode of The Walking Dead that’s that (ironically the episode is called Pretty Much Dead Already!). Not quite Heroes but not exactly a stellar season; dragged in the middle. Frank Darabont was missed. I’m kinda done with the show.

(And I was really confused by last night’s ending. How did Sophia become a zombie? For that to happen she’d first have to be bitten, then the zombie would have to be interrupted, then she’d die and come back. Only to be found by Otis and lead into the barn. I dunno. The only thing that interrupts a zombie is a human but Otis and the family are zombie pacifists. Doesn’t exactly add up. You either get bit and come back zombied or else you’re dinner…like Otis! Heh…when Shane shot fatty in the knee I instantly became Team Shane. Kept hoping Shane would take out Dale, may as well, not like the old man can do much.)

Happy News is T-Dog got his one line in this week. A benevolent nerd should cut together a montage of his weekly line. T-Dog is so useless. Impressive a brother outlasted a white girl though; points for that.

Karl sucks too! When he got shot (which was in the comics) I was hoping he’d die (he made it in the comics AND the tv show. Punk kid!).

Spoilers for what? The comics have been out for years and they actively don’t follow them. Shane didn’t make it to double digits, think he ate it around issue 4 or so. In the comics Lori lasts long enough to deliver the baby but then eats it. Here’s hoping. So this entire season is uncharted. The redneck isn’t even in the comics. They’re only using em as guidelines.

No worries.

This season seems lazy…they basically shot at a farm for the bulk of it, really cheap season to shoot. But this slow timeline doesn’t work for viewers. That was like 1 week for the characters; 13 weeks for us. If they keep that up that a 9 month baby is gonna take forever to come. Better to take her out now.

Plus they gotta bring back the zombies. The soap opera elements slow everything down. It’s time for ruckus.

Well that’s that, until the new year I guess. Sadly tv goes back to boring, even Bored To Death wrapped (great season though, well done). These short seasons are obnoxious, thankfully The Simpsons is still trucking until May.

I also hadda give up on New Girl, the new brother is useless, no chemistry. Be great if there was a ruckusy sci-fi show on now, something X-Files-ish to consume.


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