Free Love: My Shout Out in Growing Up Forty

June 16th, 2017

This is freshtastic. Rob Gaudette recently launched Growing Up Forty a pop culture blog celebrating comics and movies and video games from a 40-ish POV. He’s killing it.

He recently posted one of the fisticuffs we’ve been having and concluded the post with this:
“Finally, if you’re on Twitter, follow Sammy. His opinions and conversations will either infuriate you or make you laugh out loud. May or may not be best read while going to the bathroom, I leave that to you.”

Outstanding branding! I wish I could cram all that onto a business card…what an excellent way to kick off the weekend. See you in hell pants…


Back Issue Bloodbath Episode 85: Kraven’s Last Hunt – Geek Hard

June 14th, 2017

This. Book. Is. Everything. One of my favourite comics. I am grateful my parents spent the time teaching me how to read. One of the last times Spider-Man would be baptized in darkness: he’s now Marvel’s gateway drug to seduce children and sell em bed sheets. Damn.

There’s so much I wanted to say…about where we are and where we’ve been: I just didn’t have the vocabulary. Damn.

Still here’s Andrew and I talking Kraven’s Last Hunt…thanks for listening. As always on Facebook you can like Back Issue Bloodbath and Geek Hard for more nerdery.

Listen NOW!
If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


The Creative Imbalance Apperance

June 8th, 2017

A recent gathering of prominent podcasters unfolded at Pacific Junction Hotel on a Sunday night (June 4, 2017) where Girth Radio Superstar Sean Sirianni holds court as the host of The Creative Imbalance.

He injected a number of the podcasters into his world including Andrew from Geek Hard. You can hear that interview at the 1 hour 15 minute mark.

(And following Andrew’s interview myself and another Girth Radio super star Alissa Santiago chat it up sharing the Tinder Date Tale.)

A good time was had by all…listen for yourself.

As Sean Says:
Just dropped a podcast EPIC featuring a handful of mini interviews with a plethora of other podcast creators and enthusiasts in the city. This massive episode is co-hosted with my pal Jenny Potter, and features personalities from, Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children Podcast, The Freeze hiphop podcast, Geek Hard, PodCamp Toronto, The One Sheet – Podcast, and Girth Radio! … show also wraps up with a sick brand new track from Eddy Scott Infante!


Writing: My Geek Hard Review of The Princess Diarist

January 23rd, 2017

So my Back Issue Bloodbath co-host Andrew and I were sitting in the Pacific Junction Hotel bar following a podcast recording when Carrie Fisher’s last book came up: The Princess Diarist.

I get the standard celebrity reduction means her death will be strictly Princess Leia; still Carrie Fisher was a fantastic writer. I mentioned so in my post Goodbye Carrie Fisher on her passing.

Thanks Andrew for the opportunity. Be fun to write more nerdness for Geek Hard.

To read my review of The Princess Diarist visit Geek Hard.

Back Issue Bloodbath #59: Comic Book Time Capsule – Geek Hard

December 14th, 2016

I’m throwing this out to you for nerdy good fun…this week’s Back Issue Bloodbath Andrew and I reveal which comic books we’d toss into a time capsule for future generations to read…we’re only sticking with comics (they’re on their own for other types of pop culture!). Time capsules are the world’s slowest time machines. They do get to the future but man they take forever…

We got a broad range…Morning Glories, Y The Last Man, DaredevilFantastic Four. What comic books would you want to put into a time capsule for future generations to read?

Listen NOW!
If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Back Issue Bloodbath #58: A Look Back At Alias – Geek Hard

December 7th, 2016

If you watched Netflix’s Jessica Jones Alias is the comic book source material. Nothing to do with Jennifer Garner show.

I also tried to get clever with a Purple Man joke and bombed it badly. Like crash and burn huh Mav badly.

I enjoyed this series…28 issues only. If you got the time do the crime:

Listen NOW!
If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Back Issue Bloodbath #57: Wonder Woman by Rucka

November 30th, 2016

As familiar as Spider-Man’s theme song…
“In your satin tights,
Fighting for your rights
And the old Red, White and Blue.

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.
Now the world is ready for you,
and the wonders you can do.

Make a hawk a dove,
Stop a war with love,
Make a liar tell the truth.

Wonder Woman,
Get us out from under, Wonder Woman.
All our hopes are pinned upon you.
And the magic that you do.”

Classic late 70s cheeze…that was then; this is now. Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp & Nicola Scott.

Listen NOW!
If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Back Issue Bloodbath #56: A Tribute to Steve Dillon

November 23rd, 2016

From the Geek Hard website: “This week, Andrew and Sammy take a look back on the career of another great comic creator that left this world far too soon: Steve Dillon.

Steve passed away on October 22nd of this year due to complications from a ruptured appendix. A fantastic artist that was able to convey personal emotions and cinematic sensibilities in his work, Dillon got his first big break in comics drawing the Hulk Weekly Magazine for Marvel UK. He would eventually make his way across the Atlantic and work for DC, Marvel and more. He is best remembered for his for his collaborations with writer Garth Ennis on Hellblazer, Preacher and Punisher. He has become synonymous with Frank Castle as his take on The Punisher has become iconic in the eyes of the fans.”

Listen NOW!
If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Back Issue Bloodbath #55: Creator vs. Character

November 16th, 2016

Fresh New Episode! I so wish we had more time with this topic as I view myself as a fan and a creator so I understood both POVs. In comics why are the champs champs and why do some superheroes end up with participation awards?

Why do characters like Spider-Man and Batman earn readers’ respect, draw the biggest creators while other less fortunate superheroes toil, constant origin revisions.


Listen NOW!
If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Back Issue Bloodbath #54: Mark Waid

November 9th, 2016

In Red Letter Nights my book of poetry I dedicated a Wally West poem to Mark Waid. There’s a Fun Flash Fact.

Mark Waid is of course a giant in the comics industry so it’s only fair we tackle his work in a 30 minute podcast!

Let’s Do This, Yo…

Listen NOW!
If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Back Issue Bloodbath…Host!

October 6th, 2016

Well now 2016 has not unfolded as I anticipated. Hannibal may love it when a plan comes together but life is not always so neat. I mean I hafta drive myself instead of get into a van driven by Mr. T.

I’m launching a new era in Geek Hard‘s Back Issue Bloodbath…as Andrew Young’s co-host! What? Sweet.

Yeah it turns out regular co-host Gavin Stephens has a few things on his plate so I got called up from the minors…I’m the Rudy of podcasting. (What an awful metaphor…I’m the Twilight Chick of writing).


Andrew visited My Summer Lair on April 7, 2016. That visit lead to a number of appearances on Back Issue Bloodbath and Geek Hard.

And now we’re here.

This is so cool! I wanna find my creative voice online…how to talk about comics. I get into with nerds all the time so it’s not new. But with this great power and this great responsibility the hope is to share what’s fresh and avoid what’s tank…so many good comic out there. Nobody should be wasting time reading bad comics.

You Know? So grateful for this opportunity.

My Guest Appearance on Back Issue Bloodbath #40

August 3rd, 2016

In this episode of Back Issue Bloodbath I surprise the gents with a wild and crazy about Black Science! Which is totally different than Weird Science: thankfully (or sadly) we did not have to wear bras on our heads.

Listen NOW!

Check out my earlier appearances on Back Issue Bloodbath:
Episode #39
Episode #14
Episode #13
Episode #12
Episode #11


My Guest Appearance on Back Issue Bloodbath #39

July 27th, 2016

Crazy…I have returned as a guest on Back Issue Bloodbath…it musta been the gummies, it certainly wasn’t the jokes!

Listen NOW!

This episode is an autopsy on the recently completed New 52 by DC Comics. It’s hard to sum up the New 52 in a 30 minute podcast. Even now after doing this podcast I’m still not sure what my bottom line is: was New 52 slick storytelling? Marketing Magic? Both? I dunno.

I highly recommend Batman…all 52 issues. Justice League and the Forever Evil crossover…excellent work. Lastly Geoff Johns’Aquaman run…s’about 20 or 25 issues.

Check out my earlier appearances on Back Issue Bloodbath:
Episode #14
Episode #13
Episode #12
Episode #11


Writing: My Sole Shift Review of Shoe Dog

June 1st, 2016

My arty pal and cool sneakerhead Craig White e-introduced me to the nice people at Sole Shift Magazine.

Happily I was invited to write about Phil Knight’s memoir Shoe Dog. Sweet.

This is how I closed the review:
The great irony of Nike advertising is the singular focus and celebration of the individual player often in a team sport like basketball or soccer. Yes: Michael Jordan is one of the greatest NBA players (and all his Nike marketing effectively branded his status) yet Jordan still needed Rodman to rebound, Paxon or Kerr to hit those threes and Pippen to draw the D. Jordan truly became successful when he had a legitimate and capable team. Knight’s Nike story is no different than building an NBA contender. He succeeded in business because he surrounded himself with the right team. He invested in the people who believed in his vision and did not waste time trying to convince those who did not.

If you want to succeed in business, if you want to make your 5-9 your 9-5, if you need some encouragement as if Just Do It is not enough, then read Shoe Dog.

To read more visit Sole Shift.

A Good Book Drive 2016

February 5th, 2016

Sammy Younan, Girth Radio’s talented and adorable program director, is proving that he is just as tender-hearted as he is handsome by participating in this year’s A Good Book Drive. Read on…

My Guest Appearance on The Creative Imbalance

February 3rd, 2016

From Sean Sirianni host of The Creative Imbalance…which I decided to pick up for Girth Radio:
“After a long hiatus The Creative Imbalance Podcast returns with Sammy Younan the program director of Girth Radio.

This is a bonus episode one week before The Creative Imbalance officially launches on

Stream/Download this candid convo to see how this came to be, and listen to Sean make himself comfy in his new audio home at Pacific Junction Hotel.”

My Guest Appearance on Back Issue Bloodbath #14

December 23rd, 2015

My last appearance on Back Issue Bloodbath for 2015! (2016 who knows what she’ll bring…)

Listen NOW!

This episode focus on Ed Brubaker…absolutely ecstatic to join Andrew Young and Gavin Stephens to breakdown the goodness, the dirt, the dirty deeds done dirt cheap that is Ed Brubaker.

I highly recommend 2 Ed Brubaker series; well worth reading:
Gotham Central (The tv show we shoulda had instead of plain ol Gotham)

Fade Out


My Guest Appearance on Back Issue Bloodbath #13

December 16th, 2015

My third on Back Issue Bloodbath…how does this keep happening?!

Listen NOW!

This episode focus on DC: New Frontier…I hang out with Andrew Young and Gavin Stephens to discuss, dissect this old-timey comic. Straighten your Norman Rockwell hanging in the living room because here comes the milk man!


My Guest Appearance on Back Issue Bloodbath #12

December 9th, 2015

I passed the litmus test(s) and I’m back on Back Issue Bloodbath…a sassy fun comic book podcast hosted by Andrew Young and Gavin Stephens.

Today’s Topic: 3 devastatingly handsome nerds dissecting comic book movies, tv shows…with much mirth and many sarcasm. Which is what you pay admission for. Though we do actually make a few solid insightful points worth pondering.

Listen NOW!

Thanks Andrew Young and Gavin Stephens for hosting, having me…hopefully my insights and sarcasms contributed to your fine podcast.


My Guest Appearance on Back Issue Bloodbath #11

December 2nd, 2015

My first guest appearance on Back Issue Bloodbath…a comic book podcast hosted by Andrew Young and Gavin Stephens.

As if being a guest wasn’t thrilling enough they’ve invited me to discuss Fade Out a phenomenal Brubaker and Phillips comic set in classic Hollywood: murder, mayhem and one other m word I can’t come up with. Oh! Mystery. Bam!

Listen NOW!

Thanks Andrew Young and Gavin Stephens for hosting, having me…hopefully my insights and sarcasms contributed to your fine podcast.


Speaking: ACS Mix&Mingle 3

March 11th, 2015

My third year speaking to Ryerson ACS students:
Year 1
Year 2


The gig is super simple…me as a handsome and slightly witty professional with an Arts Degree (in English, yo!) mixes and mingles with Ryerson’s ACS students.

Really I just listen to them…what do they wanna accomplish with their Arts degree. There is so much you can achieve…far less limits; we’re all bound by our imaginations.

Girth Radio: In Session…Logo!

January 5th, 2015

As announced late last year I am the “the devastatingly handsome face/host interviewer for Girth’s Thursday night show: In Session.”

I can now show you the logo as designed by designer Jai Johnson:

Snazzy yet sexy, like an alien fashion show. Thanks Jai!

Join me and my guests every Thursday night at 6pm at the Pacific Junction Hotel Bar (234 King Street East).

Girth Radio: Host of In Session…

October 23rd, 2014

My Thursdays just went oh boy.

I’m now the devastatingly handsome face/host interviewer for Girth’s Thursday night show: In Session.

The radio show is officially called In Session With Girth…(Band Name). As in In Session With Girth…with Arcade Fire. I wish. In Session With Girth…Mini Pop Kids. Hah, that’d be so cool.

Some of the Thursday shows will be just a band interview, other nights bands will play an acoustic session in the booth broadcast into the bar. Fresh! I can’t wait to get this party started.

Because it’s a bar and it’s music and it’s fun join me!

Every Thursday night at 6pm at the Pacific Junction Hotel Bar (234 King Street East).

Girth Radio: My Summer Lair Logo

July 20th, 2014

Got a sweet tooth? Then check out this outstanding My Summer Lair logo as designed by Jai Johnson.

First episode will be recorded later this week. My first guest will be Lucas Siegel of Newsarama. He’s going to provide The Guardians of the Galaxy lowdown.

It Begins…

Girth Radio Regulations

June 2nd, 2014

So this is super cool and I can’t believe this is happening. (At this point my immigrant parents are hoping to hear either the word marriage or baby so I’m thankful I’m sharing this news with you my pressureless peers instead): some nice people have decided to give me my own radio show. Yo!
Read on…

TO WebFest 2014: Music Panel

May 5th, 2014

Gratefully for my Someone Not There contributions organizing the soundtrack I’ve been invited to join a panel at Toronto’s WebFest! “…sweeter than Ben and Jerry” indeed.

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Brigantine Room, 5:00PM – 50min
I join the TO WebFest panel The Web Series Soundtrack featuring: Adrian Ellis, Tony Tobias & Aaron Tsang. Moderator: Carly Beath.

A great soundtrack to your series can bring that extra magic when looking to make your mark. Panelists will include music supervisors, composers, and musicians covering topics like original composition, music rights acquisition, and working with indie artists.

For more on TO WebFest, tickets and the whole deal go to their site.

Someone Not There: TO WebFest 2014

April 3rd, 2014

All aboard…the love train for Someone Not There continues to chug, following its triumphant run at LA WebFest. Now with a stop at Toronto’s WebFest!


Director Sherren Lee says it best: “We are so utterly proud to have been selected as part of the INAUGURAL T.O. Webfest, in our very own home town. Super excited for the big event in May!! Thanks T.O. WebFest, and CONGRATS to the entire team!!!”

For more on TO WebFest, tickets and the whole deal go to their site.

Someone Not There: LA WebFest Winner!

March 31st, 2014

Winner, winner chicken dinner! That’s what happened with Someone Not There at LA WebFest. I feel like a proud mom watching her child do alright in the school play.

We won 9 awards:
Lead Actress
Supporting Actress
Sound Design

This is so much better than the crappy “it’s an honour to be nominated” false humble deflection. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew, high fives and fist bumps to the all the winners.

For more on the awards and other winners they have this entire website set up.

Someone Not There: LA WebFest 2014

March 6th, 2014

This is cooler than Fonzie…Someone Not There is heading to LA! Sunglasses and TMZ here we come!

To quote writer and director Sherren Lee:
“SUPER EXCITING NEWS!! We have been officially selected as part of the LA Web Fest 2014!!! Big congratulations to the entire cast and crew, and to everyone who has offered us your endless love and support. We’re super excited to hit the west coast in March!!!”

If you’re in the City of Angels go and check out all the web series goodness, the medium continues to grow. Netflix isn’t the only game in town. For more info on screenings, tickets and other web series in the festival, it’s website visiting time!

Someone Not There LAWEBFEST 2014 Screenings:
8PM – LAJOLLA ROOM (66:00)
“The Therapist” (DRAMA/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA)
“Someone Not There” (DRAMA/Toronto, CANADA)
“Devil’s Circus” (DRAMA/Springfield, MISSOURI)

9PM – LAJOLLA ROOM (53:00)
“Your Server is Not Out To Get You” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA)
“Esther’s Style” (COMEDY/Buenes Aires, ARGENTINA)
“Cuckoo” (DRAMA/Dublin, IRELAND)
“Someone Not There” (DRAMA/Toronto, CANADA)
“The Louise Log” (COMEDY/New York, NEW YORK)

4PM – LAJOLLA ROOM: (63:00)
“Cuckoo” (DRAMA/Dublin, IRELAND)
“Someone Not There” (DRAMA/Toronto, CANADA)
“Teenagers” (DRAMA/ Toronto, CANADA)

Speaking: ACS Mix&Mingle 2

March 5th, 2014

I’m back…I did this speaking gig last year. And like last year the food is still excellent food.

Ryerson’s ACS department hosted an event last night: The ACS Mix&Mingle.

Young professionals (professional…hah! I’m wearing a Spider-Man seatbelt belt) mixed and mingled with ACS students to discuss one on one how they got to where they did in their career.

It’s fascinating hearing the kids…they have twitter and LinkedIn all this access I did not…I barely had an email address by the time I graduated.

Girth Radio: My Summer Lair

March 1st, 2014

Big News…we’re talking Fat Albert size!

I’ll be hosting a radio show on Girth Radio called…

My Summer Lair

From this den of evil in between bouts of malicious laughter I’ll explore creativity, music and pop culture from a slightly nerd perspective.

It should roll out this Summer. Oh man…I cannot even wait! Yes Guy!

Goodies Coming Soon!

January 31st, 2014

As this month comes to an end, I’m happily tired and super grateful:
I got to work with all kinds of handsome and talented peoples on all kinds of crazy cool projects.

I feel like Jerry Maguire, I help make dreams come true, only I’m not married to Renée Zellweger. So Life is Grand.

Expect a buttload of goodies in the next few months, I’ll be pestering you like a Girl Guide’s Mother pimping her daughter for cookies. All you got is vanilla cookies? Get away from me woman.

NewMusic Ten Playlist #5

January 7th, 2014

Posted a supa fresh Indie Minded Playlist, simply click to enjoy (ahh, the internet).

All kinds of funk and fresh beats to shake off 2013 and get you hype and ready for 2014!

Do It Up and Do It Up Big in 2014!

Follow on Twitter: @IndieMurphy

Follow Indie Minded on Twitter: @IndieMnded

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NewMusic Ten Playlist #3

December 13th, 2013

If there is one thing that can improve this world all while helping the tedious work day fly right by…it’s Chair Dancing. If you can’t remember the last time you Chair Danced that’s ok, NOW is your opportunity.

Chair Dance like nobody is watching! Here’s your Chair Dancing soundtrack: NewMusic Ten Playlist #3!

Get Busy! Get Down! Get Going…

NewMusic Ten

NewMusic Ten Playlist #2

December 4th, 2013

Sadly this week’s NewMusic Ten playlist starts on a sombre yet beautiful note. As many of you know and are still processing Paul Walker passed onto the next life on November 30. Man, I dig those Fast and Furious movies.

Paul’s friend, the talented RZA penned this soulful tune, Destiny Bends in immediate reaction to Paul’s death. It’s raw and visceral and real…it’s rare to encounter music like that anymore s’why I included it.

Mercifully after that the playlist picks up with all kinds of sonic delightfulness. Dance along to Australia’s Skipping Girl Vinegar and Carousel’s Into the Night. And is it me or does Heart Attack the hauntingly second track stand in a warm New Order shadow?

Here we go: NewMusic Ten Playlist #2!

NewMusic Ten

Press: The Product 10 with Sammy Younan

November 25th, 2013

So as I wrote before I got to be a model for my profile in Product Magazine. Surreal.

And now you can read The Product 10 with Sammy Younan:

How I answered the most underrated movie question…clearly I’m one of those who can kill a game show at home but under pressure folds up faster than a pop up tent pitched by a lousy boy scout suburbanite. Bonus…feel free to enjoy the playlist as you go to work, beat back White Christmas for a couple more days!

NewMusic Ten Playlist #1

November 21st, 2013

Check this out…NewMusic Ten has teamed up with Indie Minded like a fresh booming Voltron to deliver this spectacular playlist. It’s a mad beautiful range of music…from the soulful Basia Bulat, to Brooklyn’s Firehorse to the infectious Lucius and so much more:

NewMusic Ten Playlist #1!

Get Busy! Get Down! Get Going…

NewMusic Ten

Humber College Talk

October 21st, 2013

Grateful for the fantastic and strange opportunity to talk to Humber College students earlier today. We got to talk about business, seeking opportunities and the music business.

Oh and I would whip candy into the crowd like free swag at an NBA game if somebody asked an engaging question or offered a staggering insight. Nobody lost an eye, jokes were made and I didn’t get chalk dust on my butt (wearing black jeans)…overall, fun night.

Threadless: Hobo Street Cred

October 15th, 2013

And now a special announcement slash Bat Signal support request from DC, the other half of S’up Cuz:

Yo Yo: DC in da house! I have a new t-shirt design accepted by Threadless for scoring and I need your support!!

Quick recap: Threadless is a community based t-shirt company, anyone can submit designs for various theme challenges. Winners get cash/prize and their design printed.

This is a big one folks – $10,000 prize!

This design is my homage to the original king of the road: The Hobo. Gentle yet street savvy; instinctive and in-tuned, he needs no train schedule to know where the next opportunity is. True fact: Hobos started Hollywood. Yes, he’s more than a man; he’s the gold standard in which all street warriors measure themselves to. I present to you…


You score by rating the design between 1 and 5 — 5 being the best score and… don’t you worry your pretty little head about the rest of the numbers.

Remember you have to be a community member of Threadless to vote. Good news is, its free with no obligations, just create a username and password and opt out of the newsletter if you want.

Tell your friends, tell your mother, tell your friend’s mother!

Thanks for your support!


NewMusic Ten NXNE Showcase Reviews: The Arts Scene

June 15th, 2013


Talia Crockett from The Arts Scene came to the NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase and had this to say about 2 of the acts, while Adnan Mohamedbhai took many crazy good photos, check it all below:

“Local country duo The Lovelocks is an undoubtedly multi-talented act. Not only do these ladies create sweet harmonies with their voices, but they also display talent on the fiddle, mandolin, and acoustic guitar to complement and enrich their lovely covers.” Read More.

“{Tara Priya} combines traditional soul and contemporary pop to create a truly unique musical amalgamation.” Read More.

Twitter Love!
Adnan Mohamedbhai ?@AD_TO
PHOTOS: The amazing & adorable due @HeyLovelocks rock out at the Measure during @NXNE #NXNE

NewMusic Ten NXNE Showcase Reviews 2!

June 13th, 2013


Indie Machine photographer Liz Gareri shot several  jaw dropping photos, expertly capturing the NXNE ruckus as it unfolded. Thank you Liz!!

Raya Morrison from The Scene Magazine gave The Cheap Thrills an 8.6/10! “David Hener is a front man to watch.” Read More. High five Raya!!

Twitter Love from Raz Mataz Magazine!
Raz Mataz Magazine ?@razmatazmag
@HeyLovelocks were amazing! Can’t wait to hear their upcoming EP!

Raz Mataz Magazine ?@razmatazmag
@Vibonics Wow. Just woah… Totally blown away. #nxne2013

Raz Mataz Magazine ?@razmatazmag
Ringing ears, big smile – it was a great first night @nxne. Much love to @TaraPriya @HeyLovelocks @Vibonics & The Cheap Thrills !!

NewMusic Ten NXNE Showcase Reviews: Raz Mataz Magazine

June 13th, 2013


The charming Olivia D’Orazio…founder and Editor-in-Chief at Raz Mataz Magazine was present at the NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase: based on these reviews this lady had an extraordinary time. Musta been the cake…or probably all the hard working fun rockin bands.

Tara Priya at NXNE
“On stage, Priya performs with the same high-energy excitement that she always does. Her voice seems to get better and better with each show. It’s strong and powerful and on point for the entire duration of her performance. ” Read More.

The Lovelocks at NXNE
“And that’s the best way to describe The Lovelocks – they’re a wonderful combination of oldies rock-n-roll and country music.” Read More.

Vibonics at NXNE
“The band then jumps into an upbeat jam reminiscent of parties on a beach. And that’s half of the Vibonics’ set – laid-back, up-beat, fun and exciting. The other half is intense, still fun and upbeat, but with more of a serious energy.” Read More.

The Cheap Thrills at NXNE
“Their songs are also energetic – quick-paced and upbeat, certainly engaging the crowd, which is dancing furiously. Each of the instruments work so perfectly together; it’s fast-and-dirty rock and roll.” Read More.

Bonus: Facebook photos from the NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase and other fine NXNE acts like!

Last Night’s Tweets: NewMusic Ten’s NXNE Showcase

June 13th, 2013

Last night was the first NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase. 5 outstanding Artists: Tara Priya, The Lovelocks, Vibonics, The Cheap Thrills, The Dirty Names. I am deeply grateful for everybody who made this happen…from NXNE, to the bands, to the NewMusic Ten team, to Measure (the venue). Just under 250 people showed up…on a school night no less…to sing, dance, hang out, yam free cake and discover new music. And as grateful as I am I’m equally sorry everybody had to wear pants. Pants are not very rock n roll. Next time…I will fix this! Oh…and yeah, there will be a next year. Yes Guy!


At this year’s @NXNE festival ?@NewMusicTen hosted and arranged a freshtastical @NXNE showcase @MeasureTO in Toronto on June 12, 2013. 5 outstanding bands who should all be selling out and playing the ACC, instead humbly agreed to play our first ever festival showcase. I remain deeply grateful to them, their talents, and their courage to share their music with us and well with anybody who is willing to hear. And of course I deeply appreciate everyone who came out, grabbed a slice of cake, took handfuls of candy when they thought nobody was looking and danced, danced, danced.

Thank you to NXNE for letting us put on this party…can we do it all again next year?

Here are some of the best tweets from last night’s NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase!

Comedy Records ?@ComedyRecords
Check out New Music 10 show tonight as part of @nxne Produced by our buddy @mypalsammy

Olivia D’Orazio @oliviadoRAZ
LOVED every single performer!!

Gilles LeBlanc ?@ROCKthusiast
Birthday wishes to one of the singers of The Lovelocks, complete with cake and LOOT BAGS! What other #NXNE13 showcase has that?

Raz Mataz Magazine ?@razmatazmag
{The cake} was delicious! Can’t beat a band that feeds its audience!

Lana Gay @LanaGay
There is cake and candy at the @NewMusicTen showcase?!? Bonus! Also, NMT is a great concept, check it out. #nxne

Dahlia Younan @dahliayou
Lovely seeing the beautiful ?@LanaGay at tonight’s awesome @NewMusicTen event. Well done Sammy!

Scott Howard ?@howardscottj
@mypalsammy good tunes, bad-ass t-shirts, cool venue, and cake! Best #NXNE13 showcase I’ve been too. ?@NewMusicTen thanks 4 invite

Mel Carrey @MelCarrey
@mypalsammy we had a blast! Great show. I’m still finding candy in my purse lol

Liz Gareri @LizGareri
so much fun!!!

The Indie Machine @theindiemachine
So much fun…thanks for a great night!

Culture Snap ?@culture_snap
Kudos to @NewMusicTen You did an amazing job with your #NXNE showcase. Great bands and moments Good to see @rockthusiast too 🙂

The Cardinal Points @crdnlpts
Wish we were at the @NewMusicTen showcase at #NXNE tonight.

Follow the hard working and devastatingly handsome NewMusic Team:
Sammy Younan AKA ?NewMusic Ten
Gilles LeBlanc AKA ?@ROCKthusiast
Henry VanderSpek AKA @culture_snap

Follow all the diverse and incredibly talented performers:
?Tara Priya
?The Lovelocks
?The Dirty Names

Edited and written by Sammy Younan.

NewMusic Ten NXNE Showcase Previews

June 11th, 2013


Tomorrow is the first NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase! To say we’re ecstatic and all ants in our pants would be obvious.

So we’re sharing some preview love!

The Lovelocks in the Examiner talk about musical families, campfires, crowdfunding and NXNE 2013.

Toronto Star suggests you check out Tara Priya…clearly writer Chris Young has excellent taste!

The Scene Magazine suggests The Cheap Thrills! Thank you Darrell.

Edited & written by Sammy Younan

NXNE Press Preview

June 6th, 2013

The NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase got some press…and as you can see based on the photo, they put us next to B.B. King and Nom Nom’s Frozen Yogurt…mmmm. All win!


Thank you!

As seen in What’s YR Take.

Speaking: ACS Mix&Mingle

April 11th, 2013

Super cool speaking gig…with excellent food. All-Win!

Ryerson’s ACS department hosted an event last night: The ACS Mix&Mingle.

Young professionals (such as myself…so the term is professional is not entirely accurate!) mixed and mingled with ACS students to discuss one on one how they got to where they did in their career.

Other professionals included lawyers, teachers, journalists, people who work in the media, public relations…the type of folks that graduate with an arts degree. I got mine in English.

Process of elimination…I’m excellent at reading and writing. Hence…English degree.

Good times…hope I helped the youth out.

NewMusic Ten: Raising The Village

December 18th, 2012

I’ve been classified as a Game Changer. Which is great, now I know what to write on the Occupation line on those Customs Cards.

And here it be:
This week’s Volunteer Spotlight is on Sammy Younan! At Raising The Village, we believe that knowing our volunteers means knowing our organization. That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to learn a little bit more about all of us! As part of RTV’s board, Sammy gives the organization its creative spark.

Read More!

NewMusic Ten/S’up Cuz/The SampleBank Interview

December 17th, 2012

I’ve been blessed with the lovely opportunity to sit down with the charming Ronit Rubinstein from PRODUCT Magazine! The magazine, in their words covers: “Amazing People, Places and Great Things!” And last I checked I am a noun! (I’m feeling tender these days…usually when the self-esteem is higher I feel like a verb, you know how it goes).

Check this out…I am Ronit’s first magazine interview…how cool is that?

We talked about NewMusic Ten, S’up Cuz…creativity and more!

Look for that in January 2013. I know my Mom will be on the lookout.

Oh but in the meantime look for Ronit’s book…she and 2 others edited City Voices: A Book of Monologues by Toronto Artists.

You can visit one of the following: a) the pantsless option: or b) the pants option: TheatreBooks, The Glad Day Bookshop, Tarragon Theatre.

NewMusic Ten’s Christmas Cheer Celebration!

December 1st, 2012

To quote Marge Simpson it’s time to give back to the community we’ve taken so so much from!

Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together…for NewMusic Ten’s Christmas Cheer Celebration!

Raising The VillageNewMusic Ten has joined forces with Raising The Village who are:
“a non-profit organization that provides critical infrastructure, tools and training to recovering villages in Uganda.”

This is incredible work that impacts children, women and…elephants. Yes elephants. Have you ever heard of a beehive fence? Now you have and you’ll have the most fascinating bit of trivia to share at holiday parties this year. No more suffering through small talk for you.

Each of December’s Artists have or will contribute to Raising The Village. And normally NewMusic Ten earns 30% from every sale but for December all of that money will go Raising The Village. Suddenly we’re all looking better than this year’s sexiest man alive.

And you have an opportunity to participate, to donate:

Buy music and as I said the 30% will go to Raising the Village. Get your single friends to drop by and buy music, hey it’s the holidays…what better gift can you give to people you love than fresh music? 

Donate to Raising The Village directly! We’ve set up a special CanadaHelps giving page for this month only. So raid your couch for coins, skip the Taco Bell and do something extraordinary with your money. This isn’t charity…it’s an investment in yourself and in this world.

Be sexy! Helping others is fun, good for you and makes you attractive to others. Share all this goodness with all the beautiful people you know.

Lastly…you want to help, lemme know how! I’m on the twitter and the facebook.

Thank you for listening to this.


Mother’s Day Gift: A Beautiful Day

May 13th, 2012

This is my Mother’s Day gift.

Since my Mom’s a U2 fan I conspired with these lovely ladies, The Lovelocks to record Beautiful Day:

Turned out great! My Mom is so proud “people in show business” know who she is. She feels famous, she’s totally thrilled with this gift.

To all the Mom’s out there, cheers, you deserve more than 1 day. Thank you for all you do.

NewMusic Ten/S’up Cuz/The SampleBank Interview

March 9th, 2012

This XConnect interview had a huge impact on me. In the past when I’ve done interviews it was typically for 1 product or 1 company, say just a S’up Cuz interview. This interview we discussed everything…NewMusic Ten, S’up Cuz, The SampleBank all kinds of goodness.

I understand how broad interviews make me appear unfocused (I’m sure I appear scattered on this website) however I’ve adopted the exact same business model as Richard Branson’s Virgin (expect space, that I can’t afford…for now). Ultimately I’m motivated by stories: telling my stories or telling the stories of others. The great thing about social media and the web is…the campfire which we all gather around has gotten way bigger. There are not only more stories but now more storytellers. We live in one of the greatest eras!

Anyways this is my story:

Special thanks to Karim Kanji, thirdocean, XConnectTO and Karim Awad of big time design for making this happen. Oh and Harth TV.

The SampleBank Interview

March 9th, 2012

Sammy Younan from dropped into the XConnectTV studios to chat with Karim Kanji:

NewMusic Ten: Hypebot Love

March 6th, 2012

Hypebot writer Clyde Smith wants to know if you’re enticed by the NewMusic Ten premise:

NewMusic Ten: Anti-iTunes Pop-Up Shop

I would have included NewMusic Ten in an earlier music discovery roundup, but I mistakenly thought it was a service offering music bundling. But that’s on me cause I should have realized from the press release that “online music’s first ever pop up shop” is the “anti-iTunes coupled with eHarmony.”

NewMusic Ten offers a monthly selection of an album or EP from each of 10 artists. At the end of the month, everything is erased including comments and a new batch is introduced. And, before too awfully long, the whole thing will be gone because it’s “designed with obsolescence in mind.” Enticed?

Hypebot NewMusic Ten

NewMusic Ten: Alan Cross Love

February 9th, 2012

The estimable Alan Cross has posted a blog about NewMusic Ten. So cool!

NewMusic Ten Alan Cross ReviewAlan writes: “NewMusic Ten aims to encourage people to linger on this music and perhaps savour it for a while before the ADD kicks in again.”

Yup. He gets it. You can read the rest of his post.

As for NewMusic Ten you can see that HERE.

NewMusic Ten is LIVE!!!

February 2nd, 2012

Part of the process of building The SampleBank is listening. Listening to bands and fans and people who work at record companies. One of the common struggles is discovery.

Sure word of mouth is great for sharing new music but…how does that get started? We live in an era of music abundance and while the internet has been great in offering musicians myriad methods of distribution we still require opportunity generators for discovery.

Enter NewMusic Ten!

NewMusic Ten 10 Artists 1 Month 1 Album/EP each

NewMusic Ten is online music’s first ever pop up shop.

In real life in retail pop shops literally spring up everywhere. Sometimes for 2 weeks…sometimes for a month. I am transferring pop up shop principles to an online music store.

Music fans have 1 month to explore 10 Artists offering 1 album/ep each.

That’s it. 1 month! On midnight February 29 the site will be erased and another 10 Artists will be uploaded.

It is a pop up shop so please, don’t expect it to last. Here today…gone, well I’m not sure. Let’s have some fun with this.

Go, discover new music, encourage the artists…there is no sign up. I’m not collecting any information nor do I want it. Leave comments, vote, explore and share. It’s your world, your store…let’s now build a great soundtrack.

Who are the first 10? We got a ukulele player from NYC, a Scottish rock band, hip hop from Chicago and more!

You can see it here: http://www.newmusicten

The twitter account is @thesamplebank and hashtag is #NewMusicTen. (Yes the twitter is confusing but again pop up shop people so no point in getting a temporary twitter!)


S’up Cuz Interview: Tee Gazette

December 2nd, 2011

Tee Gazette's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

As part of Tee Gazette’s dynamic 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways S’up Cuz was able  to do an interview!

Ladies, please line up single file.

Check it here!

As for the contest and details on how you can win not just S’up Cuz t-shirts but all kinds of incredible cotton goodness here are the details.

S’up Cuz News: Tee Gazette Reviewer

November 9th, 2011

So this is funtastic! As you know DC and I run S’up Cuz and we’ve slowly been adopted and accepted among the t-shirt set. Hopefully as we continue to improve our stock will rise. Today however I’ve become a t-shirt reviewer for Tee Gazette.

From their About:
The Tee Gazette“The Tee Gazette is a way for designers to get the word out on new designs that are being released, and contests, discounts. This will be a one stop shopping experience for those who are interested in t-shirt design and purchasing!”

So this is mega cool and a sweet honour. The work, as always begins…check out published for my reviews.

S’up Cuz & Red Letter Nights Interview: TGT Media at FanExpo 2011

September 2nd, 2011

I had the immense privilege of spending a few moments being interviewed by Kurt Sasso from TGT Media.

We talked about creativity, a couple who came by our booth on their honeymoon (nerds in love!), S’up Cuz t-shirts, my book Red Letter Nights and of course…candy!

Always give em something sweet!

Check it:

FanExpo Thanks!

August 29th, 2011

Thanks to all who came, bought or just supported us during FanExpo.

Thanks to Brian E for snapping photos, you can see some of them up @supcuztshirt on the twitters.

At the urinal next to me Darth Vader saddled up (he has a zipper??). I leaned over & advised: “Don’t “force” it. Hard to tell with the mask but he seemed less than amused.

SXSW Panel Picker: The Innovation Seduction: Musicians Meeting Nerds

August 16th, 2011

The Innovation Seduction: Musicians Meeting Nerds Alright so here it be…our SXSW panel is now live!

It’s called The Innovation Seduction: Musicians Meeting Nerds. It’s about how musicians need to get going and start seeking soft innovations. Mash up the scene, yo!

And you know what? I want to get it. I don’t care about the odds. And I don’t want to get it for my own fame or glory. No.

I want to get it because the folks assembled here the A-Team. They are the best kept secrets but it’s time to blab. They should all be household names, with every move covered by TMZ and in interviews they should be casually remarking they are bigger than Jesus.

Plus I’m too old to do something small.

Introductions: here are the folks on the SXSW panel:

Karim Awad is the Q to my James Bond: when it comes to the technical stuff he always makes me look good. He is the Principal and Creative Director of big time design & communication which…in this small space I can’t even describe all the cool things those gents get into. Karim enjoys painting.

Travis Persaud is a writer, editor for Chart (RIP), Exclaim, Zoomer and I dunno what else. I dunno how many bands he’s seen, maybe he doesn’t other, but he is guy from Almost Famous, he hangs out with the bands. 5-9 Productions is his shift into PR and marketing and as my shrink: dude always takes the time to listen to me.  Travis enjoys quality cigars.

Lana Gay lives in Vancouver blogging, twittering, djing and so much more for CBC3; her delightful show is called Lanarama. Naturally curious always playful she would totally fit in on Pirate Radio (she’s damn funny!). Lana enjoys Scooby-Doo.

So…go: get people to vote. Ring the alarm. Spread the word about this panel and let’s see what can we do to make it happen.

Poetry Workshop: I’m Robin Williams!

August 9th, 2011

Today’ll be fun: I’m teaching kids how to write poetry.

I’m privileged to host poetry workshops; the kids & I have a blast.

To get em thinking about types of poetry I’m using:
Jay-Z Empire State
Dr. Seuss’ Oh The Places You’ll Go
Ruby Dee’s I Am Somebody
and Twip a poem I wrote about Spider-Man.

I ain’t Robin Williams-Dead Poets Society but for true this ain’t gonna be your typical boring English class.

S’up Cuz Interview: Crafted Spaces Podcast

June 20th, 2011

At the Clothing Show, as per S’up Cuz tradition our booths feature candy (and Sassy Classy t-shirts!). Like a cute dog, like a small naked child motoring on two chubby legs candy attracts the masses. The system works!

There DC and I had the fortunate opportunity to engage Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby who was also hosting a Clothing Show booth. After plying her with candy we heard more of her story and about being a writer for the blog Crafted Spaces. Oh and hosting a Crafted Spaces podcast, which she asked that DC and I partake as an interview slash discussion on partnerships.

Excellent. Time to polish our jokes because podcasts like life don’t offer a second take!

You can check out the podcast here!

Thanks Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby and Crafted Spaces. DC and I had a blast doing this, we hope to be back in the Fall on another podcast. Check it!

The SampleBank Interview: Live & Online With RealTVFilms

March 13th, 2011

Barely 24 hours at SXSW, chillin at the Maple Leaf Digital Lounge when I’m asked to do a live web interview. Ugh…live…not with my jokes!

Thank you Karim Awad and Scott Howard for helping to set this up! Thank you Gordon Vasquez at RealTVFilms for doing this! Thank you Soniya Monga for conducting the interview…oh and at laughing at least 60% of jokes.

Peep 3 photos of the interview:

#1: Arty B & W

#2: Arty Colour (with an expression like that they’ll never ask me to do a TED Talk)

#3: At the end! Turns out the jokes weren’t so bad!

Oh and in case you’re wondering…the t-shirt reads:
Popular Culture

Yes Guy! It’s by Fresh Melt Water, a brand outta Philly. As much my motto as anything. Wear your dreams on your t-shirts!

Note: I’ll have archived footage soon as it’s up.

On Your Nose PillowTalk Music #3: Home Is A Rock Club!

February 4th, 2011

You know how this all goes by now, yes?

We launched On Your Nose.

The On Your Nose Blog is called PillowTalk!

A regular post-er on PillowTalk is…Stacie.

Still following the plot? This is not a Tom Clancy novel, I’m sure you’re doing just fine.

Stacie takes a break from training her ninja army to write music musings on PillowTalk.

There is a new post up now! Check it.

Oh…as for why…why on a blog devoted to comeuppance and justice we’d invite a music writer?

I say why ask why!

Any questions?

On Your Nose ( is the charismatic celebration of comeuppance in pop culture and life. Come·up·pance noun: A punishment or fate that someone earns. On Your Nose: For when In Your Face just won’t do & Deal With It isn’t enough!

On Your Nose is the ideal expression for this remarkable community seriously seeking satisfaction in successes (“I told you so!”), a bold way to engage pop culture and declare the misfortunes of common cautionary tales. Not quite karma, not quite grace, not quite funk, not quite soul.

On Your Nose is that seriously sassy spot where your nasal bone ends and your cartilage begins. Yes Guy!

Red Letter Nights Interview: Nerdgasm Radio

January 31st, 2011

Thank you Ash Slaughter for being a gracious host on Nerdgasm, it was a blast! Such kind words, what a nice boy!

Note: I’ll have the link up for the show soon as it’s up.

On Your Nose PillowTalk Music #2: Sweet Thing

January 28th, 2011

Another freshtastic music post by Stacie on the On Your Nose Blog.

This one is a rockin cd review of Sweet Thing’s self-titled major label debut. Check it.

If you’re curious about Sweet Thing you can see their music in the cheeky movie Easy A or of course on the internets!

If you’re curious why we occasionally feature music related items on On Your Nose Blog’s well we have some good reasons, none of them are probably “logical.” On Your Nose logic!

First Stacie rocks, she’s an outstanding music writer and we wanted to expose her work to a larger audience. As for the content fitting in well it actually makes sense: you need good music to celebrate comeuppance. A silent celebration doesn’t exactly pack the place with ladies. Plus it’s fun. So…there it is. On Your Nose logic!

Any questions?

On Your Nose ( is the charismatic celebration of comeuppance in pop culture and life. Come·up·pance noun: A punishment or fate that someone earns. On Your Nose: For when In Your Face just won’t do & Deal With It isn’t enough!

On Your Nose is the ideal expression for this remarkable community seriously seeking satisfaction in successes (“I told you so!”), a bold way to engage pop culture and declare the misfortunes of common cautionary tales. Not quite karma, not quite grace, not quite funk, not quite soul.

On Your Nose is that seriously sassy spot where your nasal bone ends and your cartilage begins. Yes Guy!

USAToday Guest Writer: Top Five Movie Foods

January 14th, 2011

My third Top Five for Pop Candy a USAToday blog written by Ms. Whitney Matheson.

This time it’s a yummy post celebrating Top Five Movie Foods. Now I’m hungry.

Thanks Ms. Whit. (For posting my Top Five…I wasn’t blaming you for being hungry…)

Boggie Battle 2011: Twitter Updates

January 5th, 2011

Argh! Planning for TheSampleBank is taking up way to much time. I’m afraid I’ll have to postpone this. Sorry…

Read on…

Cameron House Gig

January 3rd, 2011

Ok so most of you guys know my pal Jordan…from Sam Hell and the editor of my poetry book Red Letter Nights. He and another friend Mark are in this band called Vas Vega. They’re starting a residency on Monday nights, starting on the 10th and I’ll be opening for them…every Monday night with a couple of poems.
Read on…

On Your Nose PillowTalk Music #1: Introducing Stacie

December 31st, 2010

Can I be Frank? Ok but who will I be?

The classics never age they just improve!

So with the recent launch of On Your Nose we’re adding a sexy fun feature.

The On Your Nose Blog is called PillowTalk! (Actually we wanted to add PillowFight but it got so complicated!).

(“It’s just PillowTalk baby!”).

PillowTalk features videos and photos and all kinds of sublime treats for your other remaining senses. Mmmmmm that’s a tasty blog, Sammy.

As if that wasn’t enough we’re also offering an intrepid music writer Stacie’s perspective on music!

CD reviews, rock shows…concert venues you have to read it to believe what this woman writes about.

If you think Daredevil is fearless you haven’t seen anything yet! (And technically neither has he!).

Now if your hand is raised to ask why on a blog devoted to comeuppance and justice we’d invite a music writer I’d answer by saying good question.

And suggest not everything in this life is designed to make sense. Or dollars. (Works better if you say it out loud).

Just make tea and enjoy her first blog here: Stacie is a great writer plus critics should note she rolls with Roller Derby chicas so expect cross roller bruisers at your front door for negative reviews! As my mom says during road trips: “You’ve been warned!”

Any questions?

On Your Nose ( is the charismatic celebration of comeuppance in pop culture and life. Come·up·pance noun: A punishment or fate that someone earns. On Your Nose: For when In Your Face just won’t do & Deal With It isn’t enough!

On Your Nose is the ideal expression for this remarkable community seriously seeking satisfaction in successes (“I told you so!”), a bold way to engage pop culture and declare the misfortunes of common cautionary tales. Not quite karma, not quite grace, not quite funk, not quite soul.

On Your Nose is that seriously sassy spot where your nasal bone ends and your cartilage begins. Yes Guy!

New Project: On Your Nose!

December 17th, 2010

Alright so…new project news!

People in cyber land meet On Your Nose, On Your Nose meet people in cyber land. is…for you and by you. This is a new community. Does the web need another community? Absolutely, community is what the web is all about, especially a community with a special flavour. Check it…

As it says on the home page:
On Your Nose is the charismatic celebration of comeuppance in pop culture and life.

come·up·pance noun: A punishment or fate that someone earns. Yes Guy!

On Your Nose is that seriously sassy spot where your nasal bone ends and your cartilage begins.

On Your Nose: For when In Your Face just won’t do & Deal With It isn’t enough.

Oh yes, we’ve all been there. So go, sign up, play, post, read, comment, it’s your community. Make it what you will.

Yes Guy!

USAToday Guest Writer: Top Five Christmas Movie Turkeys

December 17th, 2010

For my next Top Five for Pop Candy a USAToday blog written by Ms. Whitney Matheson I wanted to celebrate Christmas. And what says Christmas more than…a turkey?

So here is my Top Five Christmas Movie Turkeys. (You really thought I was gonna say Baby Jesus? Or even Santa…a Christmas tree maybe? Yo…I’m in it for the food!)

Thanks Ms. Whit.

Red Letter Nights

December 7th, 2010

For the hopelessly romantic, for the bookworm now reading at a Grade 5 level or higher & for fans of Spider-Man this Christmas might I suggest my book: Red Letter Nights.

This one has it all True Believers! Mayhem, Magic and Much Much More! Hotter than Bratz & cooler than an ipad it has to be read—without pants—to be appreciated. This Christmas…give the gift of poetry.

RSVP: Mondo Bazaar

November 27th, 2010

DC and I are hosting a S’up Cuz booth Mondo Bazaar at the Gladstone from 10-5!
Read on…

Thanks for SXSW Voting!

August 28th, 2010

Thank you to everyone who voted or dropped by my SXSW Panel Pitch.

Many will enter few will win. Winners are notified mid-September so…now I/we wait.

There were some amazing pitches this year. Some of the ideas people are developing are just incredible.

Regardless of who gets in at SXSW when it comes to the future there is much hope, progress and myriad possibilities.

Yes Guy!

Red Letter Nights: CBC 3 Haiku Winners

August 27th, 2010

So as per my agreement with Lana Gay and her wonderful CBC 3 show Lanarama I had to select 3 winners from Vancouver, who would receive concert tickets and then 3 winners from outside BC to get copies of my book Red Letter Nights.

Here’s what I picked along with some bonus commentary.

Read on…

Red Letter Nights Interview: Lanarama on CBC 3

August 26th, 2010

Woot! I get to be on the oh so wonderful Lana Gay’s show Lanarama on CBC 3 today AND…get to judge a Haiku contest.

Many will enter, few will win!

I’m almost getting cooler. Yes?

Red Letter Nights SXSW Pitch: Playful Poets!

August 9th, 2010

Ever sat at the uncool kids table in your high school cafeteria? Well no more! Here’s my chance to run with the fun and cool and hip kids.

I’ve got a SXSW pitch up and it’s available for public voting and…you’re public. Please vote, if one of us can escape the uncool kids table there’s hope and inspiration the rest of us can get there. Plus good karma, vote for me and usher in goodness into your life. (Offer Void in Quebec, Hawaii and Alaska).

So some details for those with questions:

The pitch is here.

Not sure what SXSW is? To the Internet! Oh…wait, we’re already here. Wow, things are moving more rapidly.

So SXSW means South by Southwest. It’s in Austin, Texas. Really cool hip town (the whole town is a cool kids table).

SXSW is a film, interactive and music festivals extravaganza all rolled into 1 over 4 days in March. Over 2000 bands, I dunno how many movies, loads of parties and as for the interactive part all kinds of web creators, entrepreneurs, designers and other funky fresh individuals show up and tell us about all the cool stuff they are working on. It’s nuts, I’m just working on today, some of these people are like working on the future.

In 2007 Twitter was launched at SXSW. Coolness.

You will need to create an account to vote, this is what the nice SXSW people say:
Voting is simple and FREE! Go to any time between August 9 and August 27, 2010, click “Sign In” at the top left of the page. Next click “create a new account” and fill out the simple form. Once you are signed up you will be able to review, rate and comment on all submissions for the 2011 event. Voting officially closes on August 27, but the interface will remain open for comments through the event.

Feel free to add comments, questions, Eva Mendes’ phone number and jokes to the pitch.

So, go, vote, help me get to the cool kids table, I’ll bring you all with me. Promise.

I Am A Wipeout Judge!!

July 15th, 2010

Yes! Yours truly will be a guest judge on Wipeout this Saturday. Can’t even wait, hope I get some nutty nuts people!

Update: My story for the National Post or read it below:

A tattooed man sporting a revealing Borat-esque army green wrestling singlet is on the ground doing the splits while making it rain (apparently, this is the term for pulling out chest hairs and gently sprinkling them to the ground).

So it goes at the Wipeout Canada callbacks hosted on Saturday at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Producers, co-hosts Ennis Esmer and Jessica Phillips and selected guests assembled to interview candidates who survived the application evaluation process. A staggering 44,619 Canadians applied online. The pool we were given an opportunity to interview about 400 possible contestants.

It’s why we find ourselves witnessing Mango Madness, a man dressed as a nun singing Ava Maria while balancing a lit match on his fingertips.

It’s also why Jungle Woman is decked out in a cheerleader uniform and bicycle helmet writing a thesis on invasive fire ants and describing bug eating stories. (It turns out termites don’t taste like chicken).

The zany, the bizarre, the outlandish and the loud bring their earnest desire to be on Wipeout Canada —a mad obstacle course, featuring moats and giant red balls. The game show, and the chance to win a $50,000 purse, attracts outgoing personalities confidently determined to victoriously triumph. However, as the show’s title suggests most players are battered down to the water or the mud.

I learned some things at this event:
One question we often asked: “you just won $50, 000 on Wipeout…what will you do with the money?” I learned $50, 000 sparks many visions. Spend it all on cheeseburgers. Get a vacation away from my wife and kids. Buy a better car to attract the ladies. Smash a guitar just like the iconic cover of The Clash’s London Calling. (Have to admit this is how I’d spend it too.)

People are desperate for fame, to be on TV, to be anywhere than where they are. Some even begged. Seriously, on their knees, hands clasped together. Sad and strange, as one contest revealed: it’s time to “expose Canada to my presence.” Oh my.

Don’t trust anybody. On the surface the individuals we interviewed appeared normal functioning members of society. One worked at a funeral home, another made quilts, a forklift operator, a paramedic and an admin assistant. Once we quickly got past that we found talents such as a girl who can transform into a boy, ride a unicycle and a man with a fondness for wearing a pink cape emblazoned with PRINCESS while eating meatball subs. These are the people on the subways with us, in the lines at Tim Hortons. I’ll never look at them the same way.

Lastly the lesson for all of us is radiate energy and confidence no matter where you go or what you do. After all the secret to wiping out is the ability to light at yourself.

The callbacks will continue in Calgary and Vancouver to select the 260 contestants necessary for the first season. Wipeout Canada is expected to air in spring 2011 on TVtropolis.

Press: In Tenor & Vogue Blog Post

June 16th, 2010

Got a chance to frolic in Paul Allardyce’s blog In Tenor & Vogue a blog that is “a retrospective on behaviour, attitude and image. a tip of the hat and a cheers of the glass to some of the icons of style who have set the bar in method and form.”

Really cool insights and a sweet celebration of creativity…I highly recommend your check out this blog.

My post contribution is about Ms. Patti Smith! Check It.


April 28th, 2010

Recently a journalist asked where I was in terms of career and where did I want to go. Not sure how to answer that I threw out the standard “world domination” bit then cackled madly. (He wisely pointed out it was a newspaper interview the laugh didn’t need to be there but I believe in giving quality in all things).

Later I made tea and soberly pondered the question. (Had I drunkenly pondered the question I’d have gone back to world domination then cackled madly but laughing when you’re alone is worse than laughing to an unamused newspaper reporter).

I’ve come up with 10 things, some longshots, some not, that I’d like to achieve over the next year.

Come by often to see updates and how the status will change.

1) Oprah’s Book Club

Classic yes I know. And I don’t think Ops has ever picked a book of poetry for her club. Longshot at best but meh…it’s still a shot. No point in playing if you’re not gonna ask for the ball in the 4th quarter.

2) Challenge Ellen DeGeneres to a dance off!

On her show Ellen often dances, celebrates and has a good time. Except for the having my own tv show part…so do I. It’s time to kick it old school and challenge her. And you know? I can take her. I believe it, deep in my bones: I can take her! Chick’s going down.

Observe…40 seconds of sheer greatness!:

STATUS: Putting the package together to send her and lay the challenge down!

3) Contact Mark Waid

I recognize Mark Waid is not a household name for many. But those in comic fandom know him well. In the mid-90s he wrote a staggering Flash run (insert pun). All these years later those astonishing tales inspired my Flash poem on page 68 in Red Letter Nights called River of Speed. It’s why that poem is dedicated to him. Really I just want to say thanks: I’ve deeply enjoyed his tales over the years no matter the characters.

STATUS: Wrote up a not-to-nerd-letter and put it with Red Letter Nights into the mail. Now we wait.

4) Shake Jordan’s hand & give him a book

I’ve never met Michael Jordan. Mr. 23. It would be outstanding to give him a copy of the book especially with the poem Flight 23: Wingspan (on page 61) and just say “yo: thanks for all the mad adventures.” Another super long shot.

5) Volunteer at 826 in New York City & San Francisco

I do this poetry workshop bit in schools and with inner city kids. We all have fun, get to be creative and see where the muse takes us. And honestly the stuff those kids write is crazy amazing. As a fan of Dave Eggers and what he’s been able to pull off with these 2 stores, it would be most awesome to give back to the community. Even if the community isn’t mine.

6) Contribute 1 Today’s Top Five on Pop Candy

Pop Candy is an awesome USA Today blog written by Whitney Matheson. She graciously asks readers to write and contribute a Top 5 on…anything so long as it’s related to pop culture. I figure since it’s National Poetry month I should be able to get my thinking cap on and send in something!

Status: I got an idea! Thank Jeebus for the idea factory known as the shower. Now I write.

Status: Done&Done! It got published: Today’s Pop Five: Sammy Y.’s poetic film picks.  To quote Whit: “I love this!”

7) File a report on Daily Show as a correspondent

It would be all kinds of ruckus to be able to file a funny political story half Daily Show half Ali G. The hardest part would be keeping a straight face. Got no sweet clue how to pull this one off but it’s gonna be all tales to get her done.

8)  Get my twitter up to 100 followers

While at 65 it’s great I’ve got more followers than Jesus there’s something to be said about critical mass. About having a buzzing and funky online community. Twitter is the updated version of the caveman cave drawings. It’s our story, our presence, our jokes and our good times. All the more reason to have more people gather round the campfire.

9) Tea With Poets

There are a number of the poets who I dig who are alive and doing all kinds of mythical and mighty work. My desire is to have tea with them. To hash it out, push and prod, to get into it…all of it. From Bono to Alicia Keys to Ms. Ruby Dee to Maya Angelou. Just a tea. How cool would that be? Want to come?

10) Get Super Powers & use them for good…

Politicians can never change the world because they don’t inspire. A superhero is a living Nike ad in living colour: Just Do It indeed. I need a hook first…an odd freak accident or something to obtain super powers. Maybe start wandering hydro fields during thunderstorms. Or help the army with bizarre not quite moral experiments. But then after that I’m determined to use my super powers for good. Well most of the time. For example I won’t have to take any guff at Target when I’m returning an opened item. But yeah most of the time I’d use my super powers for good. No tights though…not with this figure.

There…that be the Top 10 Plans I have for the next year. Any ideas? I really need help with the last one but if you can help out any of them hit me up. Let’s make it happen.

Garbage Dreams on PBS

April 27th, 2010

If you can please watch Garbage Dreams airing on PBS tonight at 10pm:
I’ll give you a high five and be your BFF! (offer void in Alaska and Hawaii).

Check your local PBS station for confirmation.

Thank you!

USAToday Guest Writer: Top Five “Poetry In Motion” Films

April 20th, 2010

As I mentioned in Plans&Schemes one of my goals was to write a Top Five for Pop Candy a USAToday blog written by Ms. Whitney Matheson.

She accepted my Top Five Poetry in Motion Pictures blog entry. Freshtastic.

Thanks Ms. Whit.

Hmmm…wonder if I can chip in one more?

Red Letter Night AIPF Readings

April 16th, 2010

Go to for more information on the Austin International Poetry Festival. It’s really encouraging poetry as a medium can throw a party like this. Sure film festivals get all the glory and music festivals get all the chicks but poetry’s down and can get down with the best of them.

Read on…

Red Letter Nights Press: The Lance Interview

April 6th, 2010

Excerpt from:

UWindsor grad aims to be well-fed poet
By Paul Breschuk, Lance Features Editor
The Lance

“While the book (Red Letter Nights) may not offer any definitive answers as to the true meaning or purpose of a certain colour, its careful study resembles a classical composer’s exploration of various keys.

Interestingly, it was the synesthesia of composer Alexander Scriabin which allowed him to experience musical notes as colours. The same sensory blending and creative reworking of interpreted truths can be found within the lines of Red Letter Nights.

Younan’s refined perception leads him to find inspiration in any manner of experience, constantly evaluating the poetic possibility of even the most mundane occurrences.

“Any writer who says they have to wait for inspiration is fired,” explained Younan. “Inspiration is not like the bus. It will not come because you are faithfully standing in the right spot.”

Red Letter Nights Press: Ryerson Today

April 5th, 2010

An early April issue of Ryerson Today proudly pimps Red Letter Nights. Welcome all who’ve come to join the party!

Thanks…Little One for making the magic happen.

S’up Cuz At The Gladstone/SpeakEasy

April 2nd, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everyone who came out to the Gladstone and bought books and t-shirts.

You people are and will remain beautiful.

And we’re sorry we did not have the new t-shirt designs but…May! Soon…

Red Letter Nights Teaser Trailer

March 12th, 2010

The wonderful and deeply talented Michelle put together this awesome teaser trailer for Red Letter Nights.

We’ll probably do a long more proper one soon. Actually more videos are on the way…some special things are planned. is live baby live!

March 3rd, 2010

This is the hot spot to catch up on all things Sammy. And I have a lot planned for 2010, please stick with me, come by often!

First up: Check out my new book Red Letter Nights…available online wherever fine books are sold. Well and the not so fine books either. Love that riff raff.

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