Pop Poetry #3

Now this is innovative. This is how it should be done. The ol if you can’t bring people to poetry bring poetry to the people. Yes Guy!

“Chilean art collective Casagrande dropped 100,000 bookmarks printed with poems from a helicopter over Berlin on Saturday night. The works were by 80 poets from Chile and Germany, and the poetry bombing was meant as an action to protest war and support peace.”

Bonus marks for using poetry in a revolution setting, some fine ruckus! Mash It Up!

You can read it here.

“Listen to the way I slaaaaay, your crew
Damage (UHH) damage (UHH) damage (UHH) damage
Destruction, terror, and mayhem
Pass me a sissy so suckas I’ll slay him
Farmers (What!!!) Farmers (What!!!) I’m ready (we’re ready!!!)
I think I’m gonna bomb a town (get down!!).”

LL Cool J, lyrics from Mama Said Knock You Out

Also published on Medium.

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