Patient Zero Caught Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas!

It ain’t always easy surrounding yourself with these people; many of em family. I dunno that it was ever meant to be easy. When you get picked last in gym you learn early on life isn’t always gonna be fair.

2016’s adverisity is past tense and the future is always unknown no matter how much we plan or fret: according to Van Halen all we got is Right Now.

And Right Now you can make good; you can choose what to celebrate…and who to love. That’s rare…we don’t get a lot of these moments in the Day to Day so make it count. Gratitude is sexy and humility is hot.

Now if you’ll excuse me I hafta yell outta my window to demand an orphan boy go buy the plumpest Christmas goose.


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Ziggy Was Here January 8, 1947 – January 10, 2016

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