Pantsworthy: CMW – May 7, 2016

Tonight CMW offers a sublime spring evening of music. I hope the weather is warm, the wind slightly ruffling my jacket. And we head out into the evening full of youth and the promise of adventure.

Before the music stuff happens however here are 2

Benji Rogers will be speaking and mentoring at CMW. If you’ve the chance to go, do it. He’s got cool stories and a unique perspective. You may not agree but you won’t be bored.

Heather Gardner from Vapor Music is on a panel. The Vapor people are nice…go support her and laugh at her jokes.

And now…the music:
Drake Underground

I am going to this show. Join us!!

That time Featurette visited Girth Radio: Listen.

Avalanche City
Cameron House – Back Room

This dude came to Girth Radio last night to perform; he and his wife are utterly charming and wonderful. His music is outstanding.

Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs
Horseshoe Tavern

A Pacific Junction Hotel bar regular came in one night, ordered a beer and said: “Sammy, you gotta talk to this Sam Cash dude. So good!”

For Esmé
Silver Dollar

Books! And fun music! This will be an outstanding show.

That time For Esmé visited Girth Radio: Listen.

Sammy Younan Is Nice People:  W T F
Sammy Younan Funky Bio

Ziggy Was Here January 8, 1947 – January 10, 2016

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