On Your Nose PillowTalk Music #2: Sweet Thing

Another freshtastic music post by Stacie on the On Your Nose Blog.

This one is a rockin cd review of Sweet Thing’s self-titled major label debut. Check it.

If you’re curious about Sweet Thing you can see their music in the cheeky movie Easy A or of course on the internets!

If you’re curious why we occasionally feature music related items on On Your Nose Blog’s well we have some good reasons, none of them are probably “logical.” On Your Nose logic!

First Stacie rocks, she’s an outstanding music writer and we wanted to expose her work to a larger audience. As for the content fitting in well it actually makes sense: you need good music to celebrate comeuppance. A silent celebration doesn’t exactly pack the place with ladies. Plus it’s fun. So…there it is. On Your Nose logic!

Any questions?

On Your Nose (www.onyournose.com) is the charismatic celebration of comeuppance in pop culture and life. Come·up·pance noun: A punishment or fate that someone earns. On Your Nose: For when In Your Face just won’t do & Deal With It isn’t enough!

On Your Nose is the ideal expression for this remarkable community seriously seeking satisfaction in successes (“I told you so!”), a bold way to engage pop culture and declare the misfortunes of common cautionary tales. Not quite karma, not quite grace, not quite funk, not quite soul.

On Your Nose is that seriously sassy spot where your nasal bone ends and your cartilage begins. Yes Guy!

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