On Your Nose PillowTalk Music #1: Introducing Stacie

Can I be Frank? Ok but who will I be?

The classics never age they just improve!

So with the recent launch of On Your Nose we’re adding a sexy fun feature.

The On Your Nose Blog is called PillowTalk! (Actually we wanted to add PillowFight but it got so complicated!).

(“It’s just PillowTalk baby!”).

PillowTalk features videos and photos and all kinds of sublime treats for your other remaining senses. Mmmmmm that’s a tasty blog, Sammy.

As if that wasn’t enough we’re also offering an intrepid music writer Stacie’s perspective on music!

CD reviews, rock shows…concert venues you have to read it to believe what this woman writes about.

If you think Daredevil is fearless you haven’t seen anything yet! (And technically neither has he!).

Now if your hand is raised to ask why on a blog devoted to comeuppance and justice we’d invite a music writer I’d answer by saying good question.

And suggest not everything in this life is designed to make sense. Or dollars. (Works better if you say it out loud).

Just make tea and enjoy her first blog here: Stacie is a great writer plus critics should note she rolls with Roller Derby chicas so expect cross roller bruisers at your front door for negative reviews! As my mom says during road trips: “You’ve been warned!”

Any questions?

On Your Nose (www.onyournose.com) is the charismatic celebration of comeuppance in pop culture and life. Come·up·pance noun: A punishment or fate that someone earns. On Your Nose: For when In Your Face just won’t do & Deal With It isn’t enough!

On Your Nose is the ideal expression for this remarkable community seriously seeking satisfaction in successes (“I told you so!”), a bold way to engage pop culture and declare the misfortunes of common cautionary tales. Not quite karma, not quite grace, not quite funk, not quite soul.

On Your Nose is that seriously sassy spot where your nasal bone ends and your cartilage begins. Yes Guy!

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