NewMusic Ten CMW Showcase at Hard Luck Bar

The night began as nights often do, you know, by getting dark…but Young Doctors In Love brought the light (literally) to Hard Luck Bar for NewMusic Ten’s Canadian Music Week showcase with lighting gear strapped to guitar and bass and a flashing green light atop the bass drum.

The bright and happy pop songs mingled with some heavier rock songs throughout their set had the crowd moving and grooving in no time.

Young Doctors in Love-NMT Showcase-8

Young Doctors in Love perform a song in 3D! (photo by Culture Snap)

Dance shoes were required for this event, and apparently so were 3D glasses as Young Doctors In Love let us a taste of the future by performing a song in 3D.

Aware of their power over the human body, Young Doctors gave the audience plenty of warning before playing songs that would make us shake our booty, tap our toes, or otherwise get unwanted exercise.

My bum has shaken, my toes have tapped, you really have to try to stand still listening to these guys.

The Wordburglar-NMT Showcase-10

Smooth Criminal: The Wordburglar stealing words. (photo by Culture Snap)

I’ve finally got my toe-tapping under control when Wordburglar hits the stage, and now it is a different kind of swaying that my body feels compelled to do as More or Les lays out beats and Wordburglar steals all the words. Wordburglar had the crowd moving in minutes. Even if Wordburglar isn’t your jam, his wordplay will have you laughing in no time, the man is a lyrical genius.

Wordburglar knows how to work an audience, freestyling, joking, and dancing, he is every bit a performer. By the end of his set he was probably almost as popular as Justin Bieber…the audience was suffering from Burglar Fever, it isn’t a fatal fever, but it will have you swooning and fangirling/boying in no time. Symptoms include: wanting Wordburlgar to never leave the stage.

Juliana's Daughter-NMT Showcase-1

Cat Lady: Juliana’s Daughter (photo by Culture Snap)

Alas, Wordburglar left the stage but Juliana’s Daughter took over and performed a beautiful set. Opening with Time + Space, she gave the crowd a taste of her sound before playing some tracks not released on her EP.

It is hard to believe that such a big voice can come from such a tiny girl, but there it is, booming out of her before becoming soft again, each time it comes as a surprise.

She took the time to tell brief, awkward stories between songs. What do we know about her? That we should all go watch her YouTube videos because they have lots of cats, she must really like cats, she thinks one of her songs sounds like polka music, and she has chips and juice in her apartment that maybe she wants to share.

The Lovelocks NewMusic Ten Canadian Music Week

The Lovelocks at Hard Luck Bar, Canadian Music Week May 8, 2014 (photo by Culture Snap)

The Lovelocks take over the stage backed by a full band and ready to go. They opened their set with He’s My Man, showcasing their powerhouse vocals and demonstrating that a full band doesn’t drown them out, it makes them stronger.

This beautiful duo played songs from their EP and covered Dolly Parton’s Jolene and Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues. The toe-tapping and boot stomping started all over again with The Lovelocks as country tunes rolled out over the audience. These girls know how to make an audience move.

A great night complete with great music and some terrible dance moves (Wordburglar, I’m looking at you). Young Doctors In Love and Wordburglar have other Toronto shows this month that you don’t want to miss.

Young Doctors In Love will be having their CD release party at The Garrison on May 30th and since they’ll having you dancing well into the next night, it is perfectly timed that Wordburglar will be playing Lee’s Palace on May 31st.

Get ready!

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