New Book Alert: February 3-7, 2020

My weekly collection of new and notable books for your pop culture pleasure and edification: #ReadMoreTweetLess.

Successful Aging: A Neuroscientist Explores the Power and Potential of Our Lives by Daniel J Levitin (Dutton Books; on sale January 7, 2020): From the ever insightful Daniel J Levitin who wisely gave us This Is Your Brain on Music his latest book is all about Successful Aging. You gotta age so you may as well do it right, right? Fresh from Dutton Books this is a great way to invite people onto your lawn! #NewBookAlert for February 3, 2020.

Living in Color: What’s Funny About Me by Tommy Davidson and Tom Teicholz (Kensington Publishing; Memoir on sale January 28, 2020): One of the punk kids Homey D. Clown hadda tolerate wrote about his experiences! Great to see In Living Color being actively celebrated and kept alive. #NewBookAlert for February 4, 2020.

Rocket Man: The Life of Elton John by Mark Bego (Pegasus Books; Biography on sale January 7, 2020): While I enjoy the Tiny Dancer Almost Famous scene I actually don’t know much else about Elton John. I’ve been curious about his Me: Elton John Official Autobiography and I’d be more inclined to pick that up since it comes directly from him before reading this. But that’s a lot of Elton John commitment. I dunno if I got that much interest. #NewBookAlert for February 5, 2020.

Theory of the Hashtag by Andreas Bernard (Valentine A. Pakis translator) (Polity Books; on sale August 20, 2019): On August 23, 2020 The Twitter hashtag will be 13 years old! And…how effective has it been? What has it accomplished…what is the hashtag’s track record? What is the Theory of the Hashtag? Good questions. Just because we used to do something doesn’t mean we hafta keep doing it. #NewBookAlert for February 6, 2020.

Can I Kick It? (BreakBeat Poets) by Idris Goodwin (Haymarket Books; Poetry on sale October 15, 2019): “Can I kick it?” “Yes you can!” Poet Idris Goodwin invites you to his Tribe Called Quest book party.
Out now from Haymarket Books (dope publisher) so hopefully you didn’t leave your wallet in El Segundo and can pick this up. #NewBookAlert for February 7, 2020.


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