NBA Playoffs 2020: At The End Of The Fray

Did you watch the Nuggets-Jazz ending? One of wildest finishes for a Game 7; sloppy; some luck and it was all over: Jazz blew a 3-1 lead. That series was lots of fun…zero D it was like it was 7 All-Star Games.

Nuggets go sooooo lucky when that final 3 popped out. Whew.

Well, tonight another game 7! I’m rooting for the Thunder; I just don’t have confidence in the Rockets.

Oh speaking of confidence…Raptors game was ugly down the stretch. For most of the 4th, that was winnable in terms of score but the Toronto players vanished. I hadda go to ESPN just to review the numbers: “Siakam went 0-for-3 in the fourth quarter and 6-for-16 for the game. Lowry and fellow starting guard Fred VanVleet combined to go 2-for-10 (1-for-7 from 3) in the fourth quarter and a combined 13-for-38 (3-for-19 from 3) overall.” Yikes.

I thought Fred was gonna be Raptors’ closer…especially since he’s in a contract year. A strong playoffs means a bigger bag. Yet in 2 games vs The Celtics, he hasn’t…closed. That’s awkward.

Down 2 with no homecourt is still doable but in 2 games the Celtics have been smooth and on a focused mission. I can put aside Raps Game 1…everyone has a sluggish/off day. Fine. But it’s hard to fully excuse Game 2. Game 3 on September 3 is gonna be so good…

We’ll see!

The Miami game tonight (Game 2!) will certainly provide evidence if they’re really gonna come outta the East. I gotta admit even though it’s way too early for this…if next round is Miami vs Boston that’s so fun!!

So here we go!


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