NBA Playoffs 2020: Bubble Over!

Well, that’s that: the NBA Bubble has popped: the bubble has wrapped.

The end was so disappointing in a dark basketball year where we buried David Stern and Kobe. For LeBron to succeed in any fashion was yet another tragedy: We should be championing greatness instead of cheering weakness.

I’m sorry for Kobe: he…we: all deserved better. Yet despite the gruesome conclusion: the NBA pulled it off. Well done good sirs. I thought for sure booty was gonna ruin it!

The NBA Finals ended on October 11, 2020, 355 days after the October 22, 2019, regular-season opening day, and 377 days after the first pre-season games on September 30, 2019.

The 74th season was the longest season in NBA history.

That was exhausting. And I didn’t play a second.

Next year is supposed to be Season 75 you’d think Adam Silver and His Amazing Friends would be arranging something special but at this point, a handful of fireworks and letting fans into the buildings would be fantastic. Thankfully the NFL and MLB are experimenting with fans in the building over the next few weeks…we need to start developing those protocols; make some mistakes; make some adjustments and go from there. So hopefully by next NBA season, they’re better prepared and know what works.

So would getting the schedule back to its proper seasonal rotation. Ok: So Now What? What’s gonna “bubble up for next year?”


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