NBA Finals 2018: A Golden State Of Mind

Last night the Golden State Warriors soundly and consistently defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers. Again.
That is sublime.

I Don’t Believe In Parity.

I Believe In DyNASTY. And Dominance.

I Don’t Believe in LeBron James.

Coming after Kobe, Jordan, Kareem, Magic and Bird LeBron represents a mediocrity that is unacceptable. Good is not Good Enough.

There is a watering down in general in most sports…The NHL Capitals just won the Stanley Cup…it was Alex Ovechkin’s first one. That’s considered a grand accomplishment…no it’s not! 1?! 1 is nothing…it’s only a start. The NBA has fully shifted now…it belongs to KD. And with it comes the same pressures LeBron has had trouble navigating.

Imagine making movies back in the day in Hollywood. There are some directors would be collecting Oscar after Oscar if they could go back in time. Excellence is hard…not because it is a commitment but because we’re doing it in 2018. The NBA is 72 years old…that’s a lot of history. You have to be AMAZING to stand out against 72 years of ballers.

I wrap up every NBA season by watching Jordan videos: Come Fly With Me, His Airness etc. to retain that Gold Standard.

I am so grateful for the things I have seen…in real life at games and on TV. This year I got to see an NBA game in Memphis…man they suck but it’s hard to get out to the West coast games.

I appreciate all the friends and even strangers who’d argue and debate and diatribe who honed opinions and insights that transcend the typically lazy ESPN narrative. Gimme an interpretation not the interpretation (whatever that is). I’m thankful we concur on so little.

And thus concludes the 72nd season of the National Basketball Association. I dunno what to do now…maybe see if I can find a fun Netflix TV show or something. Like The Get Down.


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