Nature’s Law (Losing Hope)

Sorry in advance, even though I knew what I was doing.

It was all an act, a way to fool myself into seeing the wizard…even when I’ve always seen the frail old man behind the curtain.

I made the tea a little too dark tonight.  Skimped on the sugar so it wouldn’t be sweet.

Played the sad song…a new one give me credit: I update the tunes my sorrows sing:
Neverending White Lights: I Hope Your Heart Runs Empty:

Had this moment been a movie rain would tap softly on my window.  Fat drops of water kamikazing against my glass, thus fully satisfying their reason for existence; one they never questioned.  Leaving large wet streaks blazing down my window to mirror the tears men in movies never shed.  But so desperately want…we all want.

Need?  She’s out there tonight.  Made a choice I regret now one she’ll regret later.  She came for advice and I said my peace.  Now I have none.  And she’s busy manufacturing it in his bed.  Will he catch her quick shudder when the morning comes and she realizes it was all in vain?  Or will he be busy fooling himself that this is right.

It’s too bad you don’t want what I think you deserve.  Do we all short change ourselves?  Settle for less than the best in a million different ways?  Get so weary from the fight that we question less, take what we can…especially with both hands.

I pray you can hold onto your hope that you recognize your treasures and never forget that no matter how dark the night is, dawn ripe with promise follows.  That’s the cycle…that is nature’s law.


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