My RoboCop Elevator Pitch

Granted we’re stuck with this RoboCop remake, sure but that doesn’t mean the sequels have to suck right?

I’d like to see RoboCop team up with Short Circuit (Johnny 5!), like an old fashioned 80s buddy picture.

And have Marvin the Paranoid Android be their depressed and unimpressed police chief.

Oh and Twiki can be the strung out junkie slash street informant. For that you’d need a bad guy…hmm. D.A.R.Y.L. could work. Yeah, yeah…he’s trying to destroy and retard video games back to the classic and pixely Atari 2600. Take that XBox.

Thankfully Robo and #5 got a man on the inside of D.A.R.Y.L.’s operation…Sonny! Although he could unplug everything as he’s been carousing with a number of Stepford Wives and one of them, is not who she says she is…she’s really an undercover Fembot. Oh Snap!

They could call it Another 48 Circuits.

(Look, this is the kind of nonsense that goes through my head during the day, big deal you’re just as weird too, I mean you just read this whole thing).


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