My Pal Sammy Episode 3: Thanos Was Right…Right?

Every Christmas break I pantlessly sit and watch and absorb a lot of pop culture (books, comic books, tv shows and movies) and then I have tea and I think a lot and I write a lot so this time I’m recording a handful of My Pal Sammy episodes; this is my Captain’s Log…a record of some of the pop culture I’ve been consuming and some of the stuff I’ve been thinking about over my 2018 Christmas Break.

Listen here or click on the handy dandy download link.

Tonight…Boxing Day 2018 shortly after midnight and as I sip my tea I’m thinking about Thanos. This topic was prompted by watching Avengers: Infinity War (which premiered on Netflix on Christmas Day).

It’s also Boxing Day so eh…why not and I quote Fight Club.

Thanks for listening.


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