My Nerd Adventures

At Nerd-Fest! So much good times!

Dropped by the Doctor Who booth and got to talk like a Dalek! I said: “We have come to extinguish all light and hope on Earth. And to give our best to your mother Doctor Who.” Ghetto Daleks!

Also this chica dolled up as the Huntress, she twisted her ankle in those high heels and fell back, I reflexively reached out and caught her. She turned and smiled: “My hero.” My ears went all red and I toed the ground..”Aw shucks, it was nothing ma’am.”

Oh! I ran into a friend and his friend had on a furry Chewy hoodie. I chuckled and said “Fur is murder!” No laughs, just slightly awkward silence. Philistines.

And! I got to high five the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man…stupid Ray.

And! I got this many comics…yeah no pants!

And! Speaking of pants I ended my convention as per tradition by buying a seatbelt belt…this time of the Fantastic Four.

I am tuckered out now…


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