My Jeff Garlin Moment

So here’s the story.

The lovely and talented Whitney Matheson is the writer and supreme pop cultural goddess of Pop Candy, a freshtastic blog at USA Today. Being that we’re modern folk she and I will talk via the magic of email and the wonder of twitter. Now I happened to be in the Big Apple at the same time as she was interviewing comedian and filmmaker Jeff Garlin…one of those fancy pants Apple store events. (You following? It’s basically like Inception I’m in the Apple store in the Big Apple).

You can read Whitney’s interview with the always full of mirth Jeff Garlin or…if you want to be all modern and hip cruise your Segway to iTunes and listen and watch the chat. Now…it’s at the 27:30 mark where–following his conversation with Whitney the audience got to grill Jeff–you’ll hear me ask Jeff: “What’s the difference between raw funny and like stand up funny?”

The question came outta a recent debate slash discussion with some comedian friends prior to jetting to NYC. Seemed rather fitting to inquire of a gent who is equally raw funny and also able to do the whole stand up bit thing. I really dug his answer which you know was going to be wise because he started with “Here’s the thing…”

Oh and yeah, once the event concluded I got to meet Jeff and finally Whitney…to sum: “Perfect teeth. Nice smell. A class act all the way.” (That evening was all kinds of Coming Up Milhouse: since I was in SoHo I shuffled my Jordans over to Rocket Joe’s a supa delicious pizza joint on Delancey. Like it was Cheers I strolled in just as they were pulling out a fresh bbq chicken pie outta the oven. Oh snap! Couldn’t get my bib on fast enough.)

Jeff Garlin and I (Sammy Younan)

Jeff Garlin and I (Sammy Younan)


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