My 3 John Hughes Marathon Observations

Hope Santa was good to all you beautiful people (even though let’s be honest, being on the naughty list is way more fun, better stories! Coal be damned). I’m pantslessly enjoying a John Hughes marathon (not really sure why, just kinda happened).

Kicked it off with Breakfast Club, just wrapped 16 Candles (always forget Bowie’s on that soundtrack, Bowie in teen movies is amazing).

3 observations so far:
1) The focus tends to be on teens but Hughes casts adults really well, and gives them fun stuff to do on screen. That’s cool.

2) We need an Anthony Michael Hall. In his absence many teen actors have taken up the Virgin Quest in fantastic late night romps but none with Hall’s range and comedic timing: dude’s a gifted X-Man. Movies needs a solid, go to Anthony Michael Hall (oh and a solid fat guy…we’ve lost John Candy and Chris Farley…Kevin James is alright in a pinch but we can do better).

3) The older I get the less I like Molly Ringwald. Winnie Cooper now that’s a Gold Standard. Though not a fan of blondes, Heather Locklear in Fall Guy…Gold Standard (because of her I eagerly tuned into T.J Hooker only to realize that title was really misleading…false advertising jerks). Lynda Carter (superpowers, invisible jet AND always in a bathing suit…she’s ruined more men than porn). But Molly Ringwald? Pfft. Arms crossed.

It goes on…but first I gotta refill the cereal bowl.


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