May We 2015 Well…

So 2015…

May fun be the primary factor in our decisions. And if we have to make a decision where fun isn’t present let’s be the ones to bring it…with sass and sarcasm!

May we high five, fist bump and hug the ones we love more often. And toss in a bonus butt squeeze because sadly, people forget they are capable of being sexy.

May we ignore the sidewalk and boldly trailblaze our unique path. Less GPS and more pith helmet.

May we sculpt our future like Play-doh and build our lives powerfully and patiently like Lego.

May we risk more: the risk is always worth it! (Usually…)

May we say “What if we…” out loud and actually follow through on the inspiration no matter how crazy it be.

May we abandon fear: fear prevents you from going down the Big Slide in the playground of life and we’re here for a damn good time.

May we look up in the night sky interrupted by the Batsignal and fully know it is for us and up to us to respond. We are superheroes and this is our time…


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