Mad Scientist Experiments!

Made a recent decision.

I’m going to refer to The SampleBank as an experiment.

It’s not a company…yet. We haven’t hired anybody (yet) and we haven’t made any profits (again yet). The only company culture it has is that green stuff growing in the fridge. (Think that was Hawaiian pizza but I’m no longer sure, my plan is to ignore it until it either goes away or gets out of hand and goes on a rampage in the town square).

So it’s not a company.

Calling it a startup doesn’t work either. It comes across too ideal, like one of those nerderrific 17 year olds who turn down lucrative offers from Apple and Microsoft to set up a company that ends up taking over the world without firing a shot.

Startup got tainted during that greedy 90s era where fools were handing out stock like they’re cure alls. Loser? .com stock! No girlfriend? .com stock! Short? .com stock, here you go short stuff. Way to go dudes, your arrogance screwed over investors and phrases.

So it’s not a company.
And it’s not a start up.

I’m going with experiment. Really, that’s what it is.

Like Marvel’s movies using an ongoing continuity I’m curious to see if this can work.

If this could become a viable revenue source for artists. While also providing exposure. And giving music fans several reasons to fist pump.

On paper it works. But lots of sports team on paper look great but don’t accomplish much. (I’m looking at you 2003 Lakers!)

Experiment means I’m not married to any of these concepts, joyfully they’re allowed malleability. I can adapt to the needs of the artists. And to the needs of music fans.

The ability to make adjustments is great. I’ve seen enough NBA playoffs to know adjustments are necessary but it takes a certain level of intelligence to make the right adjustments. Well intelligence and a keen spider-sense.

So it’s an experiment. One I hope you’ll join me on, have a feeling this is gonna be one strange ride. Worst that happens is it blows up and like any good cartoon our faces are covered in soot.

I’m so pumped I might even tackle the green stuff in the fridge. Give me exactly 5 minutes, if I don’t come out, get help, I suggest the EPA.


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