Late Night 80s Teen Hosts

Turns out the late night tv hosts effortlessly fit neatly into stereotypical 80s/90s teen movie tropes.

James Corden-he’d make an excellent 80s teen movie chubby best friend. The kind who’d pine-hard for his female best friend but of course she’s distracted by the high school athletic hunk who won’t be aware of her until he makes a bet about her with another jock.

Fallon-would be the simple boy next door who lives next to the hot girl and she doesn’t know it. He’s lived there for years and even mowed her lawn (suffice to say the sexual innuendo is one-sided). The rare time she acknowledges him she calls him Timmy and he doesn’t correct her.

Colbert-is the gangly awkward nerd who surprises us all and turns out to be the life of the party after ingesting alcohol for the first time (he’s avoided alcohol because Harvard frowns on students who lack self-discipline).

Conan-is the gangly awkward nerd on a desperate mission to lose his virginity telling everybody about his “Niagara Falls girlfriend.”

Meyers-is the kid whose parents went out of town and he threw a party to try to become popular and impress the fit cheerleader in his science class and now it’s spiraling outta control.

Kimmel-most likely to get caught with his pants down doing something dirtyat or organizing a black ops mission to peephole the girls locker room after volleyball practice.

Is that accurate? Works for me.


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