Jordan Ain’t No Joke Episode 4 (The Last Dance Podcast)

“Entering the 1997-98 NBA season, the Chicago Bulls had won 5 championships in the previous 7 years. But as they sought their second three-peat, the future of the dynasty was in doubt. As preparations began for the 1997-98 season, Jordan and the Bulls granted unprecedented access to a film crew for the entire year.”

As Jordan was preparing to conclude his time with the Bulls: 3 friends in Toronto were about to graduate from University. This is their story as seen through the ESPN/Netflix docu-series The Last Dance.

My Summer Lair host Sammy Younan hangs out with JT and DC to present Jordan Ain’t No Joke.

Jordan Ain’t No Joke Ep 4 covers Episodes VII and VIII of The Last Dance.

Notable Quotable:
“I had no problem with “The Glove.”” — Michael Jordan

A Deep Three:
For the 1996 NBA Finals…Bulls vs Sonics NBC intro-ed the series and Game 1 to highlights set to…the Terminator Theme song. NBA on NBC is just GOAT level. Wow Just Wow.

Introductions: The Ice Breaker
Jordan famously left the NBA to play baseball becoming another iconic two sport athlete: so are you Team Bo Knows or Team Neon Deion?

Our suggested titles for Episode VII
“Way to go Craig.”

Q: How do you find the documentary’s balance between the personal and the basketball? Like are you missing Jordan’s wife and kids?
She’s an ex-wife…for a reason.

Q: Do you wish we saw more of Phil Jackson as the Bulls coach?
Phil needs a Last Dance…but like in 11 parts.

Q: Would you wanna be Jordan’s teammate or face Jordan? Which beating do you want to take?
“Beatings…nothing more than beatings.”

Q: Was Jordan’s Dad getting murdered connected to his gambling?
Maybe the media was always this bad…at their job…

Q: Was Jordan suspended for 18 months…True or False?
May as well believe a National Enquirer headline about an Elvis sighting.

Q: What do those “break” tears mean for Michael Jordan?
Crying Jordan is the new and improved Crying Game.

Q: What are you expecting to see in Episodes Episode IX and X?
The Man; The Myth; The Legend…

Q: Does Pippen’s Bad Light Moments dim the brightness of his NBA career?
Do you love Pippen less because of his flaws or more because of his flaws?

Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable by Tim Grover

2 More Tim Grover Recommendations
This SI profile & this GQ profile.

Closing Jordan Rap Reference
“Jay’s status appears to be at an all-time high/Perfect time to say goodbye/When I come back like Jordan/Wearin’ the 4-5/It ain’t to play games witchu/It’s to aim at you.” Jay-Z: Encore


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