I’m the I in IFC

This week the American IFC (the good version really…the Canadian version always leave something to be desired) is going to be airing The Ben Stiller show.

It would be so fun to go back to that. Is there any hope Canadian IFC (Independent Film Channel) will pick that up as well?

Canadian IFC has been a real bust over the years. Dinner for Five was great…then gone.

The Henry Rollins Show was great too…then cancelled! Sigh. At least Henry they continue to air, I wish they’d dust off Dinner and re-run that. I know the entire series is out on dvd but I’m not really gonna track that down and watch the entire thing in one block.

And why the entire Dinner for Five series out on dvd and Iconoclasts (on the Sundance channel) is not is something I’ll never grasp.

Based on this post I have weird niche tv taste: I’m the I in IFC.


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