I’m Gladwell Malcolm Is Advocating Working From The Office

Pre-Pandemic working from home was a fantastic concept; the companies who adopted that initiative benefited.

However the Pandemic visibility demonstrated a steep cognitive decline; we came outta the pandemic stupider. Like wildly stupid.

Now we’re determined to compound the stupidity and increase the cognitive decline by protesting the office and refusing to commute. Idiots.

Malcolm Gladwell is 100% correct: “It’s not in your best interest to work at home,” he said. “I know it’s a hassle to come into the office, but if you’re just sitting in your pajamas in your bedroom, is that the work life you want to live?”

We hafta return to the office we’re simply too dumb not to. It’s a good start; what else can we do? How else can we combat cognitive decline? Because protesting the office is literally not working.

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