Illuminated Chronicles: You Are Not A Storyteller

Sammy Younan

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Short and sweet: “I think by now, in our space, meaning the space of design, it sort of took on the mantle of bullshit…now everyone’s a storyteller.” Hah! Yes…I’m not familiar with Stefan Sagmeister’s work (am I…the name rings a bell…) but I dig his sentiment:

Though I don’t agree with his fallacy: “There is this fallacy out there. I don’t think I fell for it, but somehow maybe unconsciously I did, you know I’ve seen a number of films so I must be able to do one. Of course this is the most stupidest thought ever.”

You can make a film; you can write a novel but you can’t do it…the way somebody else did it.

Asking Gary Vaynerchuk how he did it and then following his step by step process that’s where people get lost. I decide if something can be done and then I do it…the odds for success or even achievement are crazy intimidating. That’s fine…as long as I’m not following a formula: magic is more fun.

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