Illuminated Chronicles: Xmas-Men Trailer

It’s that time of year again…well, Christmas I suppose but also for Grant Cermak and friends to release their annual Christmas trailer. You know how every Halloween the Simpsons do that Treehouse of Horror special?

Like that only Christmas…last year’s offering was Charlie’s Angelves: “When billionaire Henry F. Potter the 3rd threatens to wipe out all the natural Christmas trees in the world, only the most elite crime fighting force ever assembled can stop him: Charlie’s Angelves.” Out-Standing!

You see where this is going right? Grant does contract work for TIFF in September and is usually part of the Canadian team helping out at Sundance every January. In other words he’s a well versed film nerd.

Which is why every Christmas you can expect goodness like this (for the record I don’t trust the Gingerbread Man!!):

Merry Christmas from Girth Radio…may your holidays be pants free & filled with much love.

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