Illuminated Chronicles: Skateboarding in India Episode 2 (by Levi’s)

Sammy Younan

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Skateboarding in India Episode 2…go here to check out Episode 1.

So the basic facts: the setting is Bangalore, India. The location is the country’s first free public skatepark.

From HUH. Magazine: “The project was initially started by Bangalore skateboard crew Holystoked, who later worked with the expertise of Hannover-based building crew 2er to make the dream a reality. In this episode, we hear from pro skateboarder Al Partanan, who says “There’s always gonna be DIY. It’s the nature of skateboarding.”

Chet Childress adds: “I think that DIY is the new skateboarding club house. Like, this is our crew, this is what we wanna ride, this is what we wanna do. It takes work, it takes dedication. It takes going to the hardware store, getting the tools and the bag of concrete, getting the car and getting the water. Then finding the spot. I mean, it’s punk rock, man.”

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