i miss…siren slaps

i miss…siren slaps:

Think the last one I saw was in Zodiac the 2007 Fincher movie. There is this sensational 5 second gesture that is so quintessential of a childhood spent in front of the television set watching cop shows.

Zodiac takes place in the 70’s and Mark Ruffalo playing a cop gets called down to the station, “Hurry!” He leaps into his squad car on the passenger side and says to his partner: “Let’s go!” but as he delivers the line he reaches outta his open window and slaps onto the roof of their unmarked car a siren slash flashing beacon! Cue fist pump!

Such an old school gesture that we haven’t seen in film (or tv even) in years. Do cops even do that anymore?! Has there been a more recent movie/tv show featuring The Siren Slap?

Like I said, 5 tiny seconds in a 2 hour plus movie but it was so fresh. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’m keeping that one alive, that’s so classic.


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