Over The Hill King: the epilogue of LeBron James

Tonight. Tonight we “witnessed” the epilogue of LeBron James. He was never a goat but he was always an ass. It is done…there is no highlight, no stat, NO THING that permits any comparison to Michael Jordan. Or Kobe. Or Magic. Or Kareem. Or Bird. On and on and on it goes…

As the Dad in Say Anything deftly concluded: “I can’t for the life of me figure out how you could choose to champion mediocrity…” It’s over.

Punch up the windows and fling open the doors; let the spring in: a new day has dawned and it brings so much potential and promise.

It doesn’t matter what happens next: the future is malleable but history is concrete.

Lower the coffin and let’s head back to the church for potato salad. We got livin to do…life is good.


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