Hidden Gem: Wordburglar “Channel Halifax”

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

Beloved Word Nerd and G.I. Joe aficionado Wordburglar has returned like the Dark Knight with a new album and a bold new track celebrating Halifax:

If the Halifax tourism board is slick this would become the city’s new anthem: Wordburglar is to Halifax what Bruce Springsteen is to New Jersey.

Channel Halifax is the first release from Wordburg’s the new album Rapplicable Skills dropping August 7th. A follow up to enjoyable G.I. Joe sonic celebration Welcome to Cobra Island (easily one of the best album titles of all time).

As always with every new album I’m curious to see what nerd, comic book and of course G.I. Joe references he shoehorns into each track. (Admittedly Channel Halifax while fun is thin on the nerd references, understandably).

The Credits…
Rhymes by Wordburglar
Produced by Peter Project
Cuts by Uncle Fes.

The Post-credits Scene…
Don’t miss the advance CD Release Parties in Toronto and Halifax :

Toronto: Friday August 7 @ The Garrison 1197 Dundas West

Halifax: Friday Aug st 14 @ Gus’ Pub 2605 Agricola

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