Hidden Gem: Tove Styrke “Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking to You”

Sammy Younan

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Turn this up…irresistible Swedish pop!

Hard to believe she sings: “I know you feel that pop doesn’t really have a clue.” (You don’t think she means pop as in pops…dad, father etc. do you?). This pop tune is clued into my mood: wild chair dancing.

This electropop goodness is from Tove’s album released on June 8, 2015: Kiddo. Recognize the album reference title? Took me a couple of minutes too: Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill!

In this spirited Idolator interview she reveals: “It’s definitely one of my favorite movies, it has a grittiness to it that I really like. I like her character a lot — she’s empowering and cool. Kill Bill was an influence from some of the songs [on the album], and especially in the beginning of the creative process of this album.”

Sold like Re/Max!

As if that wasn’t enough I dig this verse early on in the tune:
“You educated now but you never stand a chance
Sophisticated ain’t helping you to do the dance
I think you’re stuck in that me myself and I romance
But that’s too wild for you man to understand”

So fun: Swedish pop and Kill Bill.

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