Hidden Gem: Lupe Fiasco “Prisoner 1 & 2”

Sammy Younan

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Like most people Kanye West’s Touch The Sky introduced me to Lupe Fiasco. His debut album came with Kick, Push a smooth rap song about skateboarders. Alright Lupe you have my attention; once he had that I was rewarded with The Cool. An outstanding rap album: complex, dark and soaked in creativity.

And then came controversies, negative press…I didn’t really pay attention to any of it so I’ve no comments.
And then Lupe performed on Hannibal Buress’s Why? Prisoner 1 & 2. Blown away: wow. This track is where Lupe shines: darkness, political, hopeless plights and smart and efficient wordplay. Oh Yes Guy!

Fun Facts

  • Lupe has Twitter feuds with Azealia Banks and Kid Cudi. Is this how we do West Coast/East Coast these days? Online beef?
  • On August 29, 2015 Lupe released Pharaoh Height a free mixtape featuring six new tracks Egyptian-themed titles (represent, yo!)
  • However Prisoner 1 & 2 is from Tetsuo & Youth

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