Hidden Gem: Lorde “Team”

Let’s get down to business, because business is good.

This track from Lorde, Gaga’s current single Do What U Want, few other singles floating on cyber space clouds are ouija board channelling the 80s. See business is good. For such a maligned, parodied and ridiculed decade it’s influence on our current Arts and Crafts is splendid. These days all I want to do is dance.

I ignored Lorde’s Royals. Song boringly sounded like something that’ll end up on the Girls tv show…some show for sure where good looking people have angst. Meh. I still stand by that, “Royals” smells like left over eggnog. But this track “Team” seduced me like a Vegas call girl, I didn’t stand a chance.

When Lorde sings “I’m kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air…” oh yes! There’s so much in hip hop that we have to retire if it’s to grow. Swagger, son!

(errr, a confession: I thought she was singing: “Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things/Living with ruins and vampires in my dreams” it’s really…”Living in ruins of the palace within my dreams.” I dig my misheard lyrics better! Pop music needs more vampires!)

What do you hear?

Music for when you are getting ready to go out and know you you are 100% fine.


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